‘Shine like a diamond’ cowl – Free pattern!!

I have been playing around with different Tunisian crochet techniques and here is one that got me very excited. The idea was to use different Tunisian crochet stitches to bring … Read More‘Shine like a diamond’ cowl – Free pattern!!


Tunisian Fall Pumpkins – Free Pattern!!

I live in Austin, Texas and even though it is officially Fall, the temperatures are still in the late 90s and sometimes 100s! I have been looking at all the … Read MoreTunisian Fall Pumpkins – Free Pattern!!


6 Tunisian crochet stitches to get you started!

Are you trying to learn Tunisian crochet? Here is a roundup of 6 basic Tunisian crochet stitches to get you started! Foundation Row: Every Tunisian crochet stitch or project is … Read More6 Tunisian crochet stitches to get you started!


Doppelgänger cowl – First look! (Free pattern)

Is anyone else hooked to Tunisian crochet? It has so much to offer and I am thrilled by the possibilities! As a designer, I usually have a detailed design and … Read MoreDoppelgänger cowl – First look! (Free pattern)


Ruffled Waters Shawl – Free pattern!

If you have been following my blog, you must know that I have been experimenting with Tunisian crochet a lot lately. I had bought a beautiful Scheepjes Ombré Whirl (Turquoise … Read MoreRuffled Waters Shawl – Free pattern!


Turquoise Fiesta Shawl – Free pattern!

The Turquoise Fiesta shawl is made up of only one stitch – The Tunisian Full Stitch. It works up quickly and you don’t have to count stitches! The shawl is … Read MoreTurquoise Fiesta Shawl – Free pattern!


‘I love you so much’ wrap – Free pattern!

I made this wrap for Valentine’s Day and because it represents love, I think it would be perfect for any time of the year. This is a beginner friendly pattern … Read More‘I love you so much’ wrap – Free pattern!

Tunisian crochet tutorial – Bobble stitch

Have you tried crocheting bobbles? I think they are a lot of fun to make and when I made them using Tunisian crochet, I really liked how they turned out! … Read MoreTunisian crochet tutorial – Bobble stitch

Tunisian crochet tutorial – Purl stitch (tps)

Does your Tunisian crochet project curl? The Tunisian Purl Stitch is a great stitch to use at the beginning of your projects to stop them from curling! Here is the … Read MoreTunisian crochet tutorial – Purl stitch (tps)

Takumi Tunisian Interchangeable hooks by Clover (Review)

I have been using Clover amour hooks for over a year now and they are my favorite hooks for regular crochet. When I received the Takumi Tunisian interchangeable set from … Read MoreTakumi Tunisian Interchangeable hooks by Clover (Review)