Tunisian Crochet Tutorial – C2C Entrelac

During my Tunisian crochet journey, I had seen some really beautiful projects shared by makers that use the Tunisian Entrelac technique. I decided to give it a try and ended … Read MoreTunisian Crochet Tutorial – C2C Entrelac

Tunisian Crochet Tutorial – Join as you go

Have you wondered how you can join panels in Tunisian crochet as you make them? This is a pretty handy technique that can be used to make anything that requires … Read MoreTunisian Crochet Tutorial – Join as you go

Tunisian Crochet Tutorial – Cables (2×2)

Tunisian cables look so much like Knit cables! They are really easy to make and if you are up for trying something new, this is a great technique to learn … Read MoreTunisian Crochet Tutorial – Cables (2×2)

Tunisian Crochet Tutorial – Top Stitch

The Tunisian Top Stitch is one of my favorite stitches to build squishy fabric! It is super easy to make since it is very similar to the Tunisian Simple Stitch … Read MoreTunisian Crochet Tutorial – Top Stitch

Tunisian Crochet Tutorial – Honeycomb Stitch

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Tunisian crochet tutorial – Bobble stitch

Have you tried crocheting bobbles? I think they are a lot of fun to make and when I made them using Tunisian crochet, I really liked how they turned out! … Read MoreTunisian crochet tutorial – Bobble stitch