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Disha Shawl – Charts

If you prefer to use charts, this post contains all the charts needed to make the Disha Shawl. You can also find the written instructions on my blog.

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The Disha shawl pattern comes in 2 sizes – Small and Large.
Click here for the Written Pattern
– Scroll down for the Pattern Charts

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The ad-free PDF version of this pattern comes with written instructions and all the charts in two separate files. If you would like the PDF version of this pattern (or just to support me), you can purchase a print-friendly ad-free version from my Ravelry, Etsy and LoveCrochet shops. Click on the link below to grab the PDF version of this design.

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What you will need (with clickable affiliate links)

  1. Yarn:
    Large: Fingering weight yarn (13.5 oz / 375 gms / 1800 yards / 1700 m) – For making the pictured shawl, I used one Scheepjes Whirl in color Passion Fruit Melt and approximately one and three quarters of  Scheepjes Whireltte in color Rose.
    Small: Fingering weight yarn (10 oz / 275 gms / 1250 yards / 1200 m)
  2. 4 mm crochet hook
  3. Scissors
  4. Tapestry needle
  5. Stitch markers (optional)

Experience level

Advanced Beginner


8 rows of 6 sc stitches is a 1” square

It is not important to match my gauge exactly for this shawl. You can use any yarn with an appropriate hook to make it and the pattern will not change. The size of your shawl will vary depending on your style of crocheting and tension. I used a slightly larger hook than recommended on the yarn label for this shawl because I wanted it to be drapey. 


Small: 30” along the center and 70” from tip to tip
Large: 34” along center, 79” wingspan from tip to tip


  1. How to make the Moss Stitch
  2. How to make the Crab Stitch
  3. How to block a crochet project

Support video for making the Disha Shawl (Right handed)

Support video for making the Disha Shawl (Left handed)


I used two colors to make my shawl: 
C1: Scheepjes Whirl (Passion Fruit Melt)
C2: Scheepjes Whirlette (Rose). 

The color changes for the pictured shawl are as follows:

C1: Rows 1 – 11
C2: Rows 12 – 21
C1: Rows 22 – 23
C2: Rows 24 – 25
C1: Rows 26 – 35
C2: Rows 36 – 39
C1: Rows 40 – 51
C2: Rows 52 – 65
C1: Rows 66 – 67
C2: Rows 68 – 69
C1: Rows 70 – 71
C2: Rows 72 – 73
C1: Rows 74 – 87
C2: Rows 88 – 93
C1: Rows 94 – 99
C2: Rows 100 – 105
C1: Rows 106 – 111
C2: Rows 112 – 113
C1: Rows 114 – 115
C2: Rows 116 – 117
C1: Rows 118 – 119
C2: Rows 120 – 121
C1: Rows 122 – 123
C2: Rows 124 – 127
C1: Rows 128 – 149
C2: Rows 150 – 155
C1: Rows 156 – 157
C2: Rows 158 – 161
C1: Rows 162 – 163
C2: Rows 164 – 165
C1: Rows 166 – 167
C2: Rows 168 – 169
C1: Rows 170 – 179
C2: Rows 180 – 187
C1: Rows 188 – 199
C2: Rows 200 – 201
C1: Rows 202 – 203
C2: Rows 204 – 205
C1: Rows 206 – 207
C2: Rows 208 – 215
C1: Rows 216 – 231
C2: Rows 232 – 239
C1: Rows 240 – 241
C2: Rows 242 – 245
C1: Rows 246 – 247
C2: Rows 248 – 251
C1: Rows 252 – 257
C2: Rows 258 – 263
C1: Rows 264 – 269
C2: Rows 270 – 281
C1: Rows 282 – 283
C2: Rows 284 – 285
C1: Rows 286 – 291
C2: Rows 292 – 293
C1: Rows 294 – 295
C2: Rows 296 – 297
C1: Rows 298 – 303
C2: Rows 304 – 305
C1: Rows 306 – 307
C2: Rows 308 – 319
C1: Rows 320 – 331
C2: Rows 332 – 333
C1: Rows 334 – 345
C2: Rows 346 – 347
C1: Rows 348 – 359


  1. Alternate rows are shown with a different color in the charts – this is to make it easy to read individual rows.
  2. The row number is mentioned at the beginning of each row.
  3. After completing the shawl, jump to the Border section towards the end of this document.
  4. See the COLORS section for color changes.
  5. The ‘Chevron Repeat’ in the following chart is a repeat pattern that is used throughout the shawl. You will see references to it in charts for different sections of the shawl. This version of the repeat is only for the charts and should NOT be used as an aid for the written pattern. The repeats in the written pattern are different.
  6. SMALL version: After making row 145, jump to row 208 for the small version of the shawl.

Click here for the written pattern


I added a border on the longest edge of my shawl because I carried the yarn along the edge while changing color. By adding a border, I was able to conceal the loose yarn and give my shawl a very sturdy border. 

After the last row of the shawl, do not cut the yarn. You can continue working crab stitches with the same yarn along the edge you would like to add a border to. I recommend seeing the support video mentioned in the RESOURCES section if you need help with this.


After completing your shawl, use your preferred method of blocking to block it. See the RESOURCES section if you need help with this.

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Monday 21st of September 2020

Worst set of charts ever.


Tuesday 22nd of September 2020

Hello George,

I am sorry you are having trouble with the charts. Because of the nature of the pattern, it was really hard to come up with a good way to create charts for it. These charts are a result of a lot of brainstorming with my testers to find the best possible way to represent the pattern. If you have any specific feedback, I'd love to know and potentially incorporate in my future charts. The pattern comes with written instructions as well that you can find here: https://knitterknotter.com/disha-shawl-written-instructions/

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions - knitterknotter@gmail.com.