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Vajra TCAL – Get your supplies!

It’s March 25th!! The Vajra TCAL officially starts today. If you are seeing this scarf for the first time, you can read more about the pattern here. I loved working on the Vajra scarf and I am extremely excited to see all of your versions of it! I hope you will have as much fun working on it as much as I did 🙂

TCAL Schedule

  • March 25 – March 31: Get your supplies!
  • April 1 – April 7: Let’s en-gauge 🙂
  • April 8 – April 14: Part 1
  • April 15 – April 21: Part 2
  • April 22 – April 28: Part 3
  • April 29 – May 5: Part 4
  • May 6 – May 12: Part 5
  • May 13 – May 19: Part 6 (Last part)
  • May 20 – May 26: Final submissions for the grand prize and judging 🙂


If you haven’t already bought it, you can find the pattern on Ravelry and Etsy. You need to use the coupon VAJRATCAL to get a 25% discount on the pattern until May 19, 2019.

Week 1 – Get your supplies!

This week we will focus on getting all our supplies so that we can start working on the gauge swatch next week.


The Vajra scarf is made up of a repeat pattern of 28 stitches. My scarf has 12 repeats and has the following measurements:
Height – ~13” (~33 cms)
Circumference – ~80” (~200 cms)

If you want an accurate estimation of how much yarn you will need, it will be best to make the gauge swatch and use the calculations mentioned in the pattern. You could do this by making the gauge swatch using a similar weight yarn before you buy yarn for the scarf. But, if you want to make one similar in size to mine, you will need yarn in 2 colors:
Color 1 – 400 yards (for the brioche pattern)
Color 2 – 600 yards (for the background)

I used one Dandelion Munchies Whirl* and one Liquorice Whirlette* and had some yarn left over from both of them.


You will need a doubled ended hook preferably with a cord. If your hook does not have a cord, it is okay – you will just have to cast off more often.

I have the Denise Interchangeable Hook Kit* which has one hook of each size and because I needed a double ended hook, I ended up using a 5.5 mm hook for the forward pass and a 5 mm hook for the reverse pass. A bunch of experienced crocheters have told me that this is better than using the same size for both passes because it helps with curling. I think that either one (a double ended hook or one with two different hooks of similar size) would work fine.

If your gauge does not match mine, you can go up / down a hook size to obtain desired gauge.


You could add / remove repeats to obtain the desired dimensions.

Stitch markers

This is optional but I strongly recommend using stitch markers* to mark the beginning of your rounds and the beginning of each repeat. I used an orange marker for the beginning of my round and yellow markers for the beginning of each repeat bringing the total number of markers I used to 12 – 1 orange and 11 yellow. You will need markers in 2 colors:
Number of markers in color A – 1
Number of markers in color B – Number of repeats minus 1

Other supplies

You will also need a pair of Scissors* to cut the yarn and a Tapestry needle* to weave in tails.

How to participate

  • Newsletter: If you haven’t already done so, please subscribe to my newsletter to get all important updates of this TCAL.
  • Join my TCAL: If you would like to officially join the TCAL, join my KnitterKnotter Hangout group on Facebook. I will schedule a live video in the group every Monday at 6.30 PM CST for me to be able to connect with you in real time 🙂
  • Instagram: You can follow me to get updates there and if you choose to share photos of your project, please use the hashtag #vajratcal so that I can find them.
  • Pinterest: You can find all tutorials related to this TCAL on my Vajra TCAL Pinterest board.
  • Facebook: If you would not like to join my group, you can find updates related to this TCAL on my Facebook page.


Denise Interchangeable has kindly offered to sponsor the prizes for this TCAL. There will be 6 prizes in all – one at the end of each part (See TCAL schedule above).

At the end of each of the first five parts, one person will win a Pink Tunisian Crochet set. It consists of one hook (You will be able to choose a hook size – they range from 3.75 mm to 15 mm), two cords, two end buttons and one extender for cord to cord connections.

Note: These prizes are for US residents only. Non-US residents will receive a Denise Interchangeable gift card worth $20 instead.

One person will win the grand prize at the end of the TCAL which will be the Denise2Go Complete Crochet set!! It consists of twelve hooks, seven cords, four end buttons and 2 extenders that come in a pretty fabric and portable case.

I have the Denise Interchangeable Hook Kit* and I love it. I used it to make the Vajra scarf and have continued to use it for my other projects too.

Note: Everybody (US and non-US residents) is eligible for the grand prize! 

How to win

Instagram: Tag your TCAL progress photos with #vajratcal as many times as you like. (Your Instagram account must be public.)

Facebook:  Join the KnitterKnotter Hangout Facebook group and post your progress photos to that week’s TCAL update thread.

I will look at both Instagram and Facebook at the end of every week and choose one winner (You must have completed the part for that week to be eligible). It’s that simple!


These tutorials will be helpful in getting a head start on this pattern.

Share your pictures with me!

I really hope you liked this pattern. I would love to see your version of this design so please share your pictures with me!
– Share them on Instagram with the tags #knitterknotter, #madewithknitterknotter, and @knitterknotter
– Share them in my Facebook Group
– Create a project on Ravelry

I strive to offer my patterns for free and that is possible only with your support. Please share this pattern and your pictures as much as possible. Every share counts 🙂

Copyright and Terms of Use

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