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Come and Guest Post on KnitterKnotter!

Hello! Are you a designer who would like to dip your toes in world of designing and/or blogging or just reach a different niche? I am opening my blog for guest bloggers, makers and designers to share your designs and ideas! You don’t need to have a large social media presence or even a blog. All you need before you apply is an original idea / design that you would like to share.

What I am looking for

  • Creative makers with a focus on detail during pattern writing. I like my patterns to be clear and easy to understand by people of any skill level. My main aim is to show people what they can make and provide them with simple and detailed instructions to make it as easy as possible for them to make it. You are welcome to check out my free patterns here to get a sense of what I would expect.
  • Guest designers are welcome to share free crochet patterns, tutorials, tips, and round ups related to both Tunisian or regular crochet. I have listed some ideas below that you can work on but if you still need help with figuring this out, you are welcome to reach out to me and we can come up with something that works for both of us.


  1. Modern, on-trend and approachable crochet designs
    • Sweaters / Cardigans
    • Hats / Beanies / Toques
    • Scarves / Infinity Scarves / Shawls
    • Mittens / Gloves / Fingerless Gloves
    • Blankets / Throws / Lightweight blankets / Picnic blankets
    • Baskets / Market bags
    • Amigurumi Toys
    • Home decor / Kitchen items
  2. Tutorials and Tips
    • Tunisian or regular crochet tutorials
    • Stitch tutorials
    • Weaving in ends
    • Joining granny squares
    • Reading patterns and charts for Tunisian or regular crochet patterns
    • Stitch anatomy
    • Testing basics
    • Crochet hooks
    • Crochet garments – How to’s
    • Assembling garments made in multiple pieces
  3. Round ups
    • Scrap yarn patterns
    • Seasonal patterns (Summer / Winter / Fall / Spring)
    • Christmas patterns
    • Pillow patterns
    • Home decor patterns
    • One stitch patterns
    • Interesting stitches or techniques

This is just a list of ideas that I had so don’t limit yourself to these. When applying, pick a fiber related topic that interests you.

Submission Requirements

  1. The pattern – It should be your original and unique Tunisian or regular crochet pattern. Preferably something that shows off your style. It MUST be tested by at least 2 testers other than yourself.
  2. Blog post – I’ll need a written blog post introducing your pattern and the actual written pattern with tips and photos showing the finished project and any tricky steps along the way.
  3. Photos – I will need 5-10 high quality photos
    • 2 square photos
    • 2-3 can be portraits photos
    • Remaining photos should be landscape

What you will get

  1. Have your name and work promoted on the blog, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms.
  2. Your work, name, and business in the inbox of over 4000 of my email list subscribers and more than 3700 followers on Instagram, 2700 Facebook group members, and 800 Facebook followers (as of January 2021).

A few more things

  1. The rights to your pattern will remain yours. You will be able to offer it as a premium PDF and sell it on your preferred platform (Etsy, LoveCrochet, Ravelry, etc.). You are welcome to share links to them in the blog post.
  2. Applications are open world-wide.
  3. If you have previously guest posted on KnitterKnotter, you are welcome to apply again.
  4. If you have applied earlier and not been accepted, please apply again! We would love to see the progress you have made since last time!
  5. While designing, you’re welcome to share sneak peeks and pictures of the design. You’re also encouraged to share the pictures from testers and tag me in all photos shared on social media. I will then try my best to follow up share a few of those pictures!
  6. The guest design, post, maker journey will be featured on Knitter Knotter’s blog as long as the blog exists.

How it works

Step 1: Submit an application
Give me as much detail as possible in the application form about your post. If you don’t have an idea yet, we can work on something together.

Don’t have a website? Just an Etsy shop or your social media. Don’t hesitate to send a submission, I might accept your application anyway.

Step 2: Review and acceptance
After reviewing your submission I’ll send you an email. If it’s accepted I’ll send you a possible date for your post with a work agreement that you must confirm.

Step 3: Submit your work and photos
You work on your design and submit it to me 2 weeks before the agreed on publish date.

Step 4: Pattern will be published on the date that we agreed upon

Step 5: Promotion
When I publish a guest bloggers blog post I share those blog posts on social media and Pinterest as much as possible and I expect you to do the same. Promoting the post will be the responsibility of both of us. The more you promote, the more successful your post will be and this will increase the chance of getting featured as a guest designer again in the future.

I also strongly recommend that you create a post on your blog and link it to the guest post on KnitterKnotter.

Thank you for your interest in applying!

If you have questions or a blog post idea, don’t hesitate to contact me and we can discuss your options and brainstorm some ideas.

Thanks for taking the time to apply to be a guest designer. I appreciate you sharing your creativity with me and my audience. I’ll get back to you once I have reviewed your application.