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Tunisian Blanket CAL 2024 – Extension Pack Hexagon #3

Welcome to the next hexagon of the Ipsa Tunisian Blanket CAL of 2024!!

Each hexagon is worked in the round and features a unique pattern created with Tunisian Knit and Reverse Stitches.

We began the CAL with a practice hexagon, which I highly recommend making before starting your first hexagon. This will help you determine the right hook and yarn combination for your final hexagons and give you some practice, especially if you are working in-the-round for the first time.

I am thrilled to share these patterns with you. I had the best time making them, and I hope you will too!

Hexagon #3 of the Extension Pack of the Ipsa Tunisian Blanket CAL of 2024 by KnitterKnotter - the hexagon is worked in-the-round in a continuous spiral and utilizes knit and reverse stitches to create beautiful designs.

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About the Ipsa Blanket CAL

In this CAL we will create 30 hexagons together, 20 main ones and 10 in the extension pack. Patterns are released on Tuesday mornings at 10 AM AEST (Melbourne Time) according to the schedule which you can find here.

We started the CAL with a smaller practice hexagon that also doubles up as a gauge swatch. I strongly recommend making it before you jump in and start making your final hexagons.

This is an intermediate level CAL, but many beginners have successfully attempted this technique since last week. You can find very supportive community in my Facebook group, where you can share your work and ask questions.

There are two main posts where I share all the preliminary information that I suggest reading before starting your project:
1. CAL Introduction – Schedule, pattern purchase options, and photos of all the hexagonsGeneral
2. Information and Practice Hexagon – All the general details about the pattern including yarn, hooks, pattern notes, instructions to read charts, support videos and the practice hexagon.

This CAL is available for free on my blog and includes support videos on my ad-supported YouTube channel. The chart will be downloadable for free for 24 hours after each pattern release. You can keep up with the CAL on my website or any of my social media platforms. If you’d like to receive email reminders for each new hexagon release, you can sign up for my newsletter, and I’ll make sure you don’t miss any updates.

For an ad-free experience, you can purchase the Ebook version of this CAL on Ravelry or ThriveCart. Additionally, if you’re new to Tunisian-in-the-round or want to delve deeper into the technique, you can also purchase a course at a discounted rate when you buy the Ebook. All purchasing options are outlined here.

Video Tutorials

You can find the entire set of support videos in a playlist on my YouTube channel.

Right Handed Stitch Tutorials

Left Handed Stitch Tutorials

Practice Hexagon Tutorial

Front and Back of the Hexagon

This technique creates an “almost” reversible fabric, where the colors are flipped on the reverse side. Here’s a look at how my hexagon appears on the reverse side. When assembled, the blanket looks beautiful from both sides!

The front side of Hexagon #3 of the Extension Pack of the Ipsa Tunisian Blanket CAL of 2024 hosted by KnitterKnotter.
The reverse side of Hexagon #3 of the Extension Pack of the Ipsa Tunisian Blanket CAL of 2024 hosted by KnitterKnotter.


Round 1: In a magic ring, *pick up a loop, chain 1; repeat from * until you have 6 loops on the hook.

Round 2: (tks, tfs) * 6

Round 3: (2 tks, tfs) * 6

Round 4: (twtss-twtks, tks, tks-tss) * 6

Round 5: (twtss, 3 tks, tss) * 6

Round 6: (twtss-twtks, 3 tks, tks-tss) * 6

Round 7: (twtss, 5 tks, tss) * 6

Round 8: (twtss-twtks, 5 tks, tks-tss) * 6

Round 9: (twtss, 7 tks, tss) * 6

Round 10: (twtss-twtks, 7 tks, tks-tss) * 6

Round 11: (twtss, 9 tks, tss) * 6

Round 12: (twtss-twtks, 9 tks, tks-tss) * 6

Round 13: (twtss, 11 tks, tss) * 6

Round 14: (twtss-twtks, 11 tks, tks-tss) * 6

Round 15: (twtss, 2 trs, 9 tks, 2 trs, tss) * 6

Round 16: (twtss-twtks, 3 trs, 7 tks, 3 trs, tks-tss) * 6

Round 17: (twtss, tks, 4 trs, 5 tks, 4 trs, tks, tss) * 6

Round 18: (twtss-twtks, 2 tks, 4 trs, 3 tks, 4 trs, 2 tks, tks-tss) * 6

Round 19: (twtss, 4 tks, 4 trs, tks, 4 trs, 4 tks, tss) * 6

Round 20: (twtss-twtks, 5 tks, 7 trs, 5 tks, tks-tss) * 6

Round 21: (twtss, 7 tks, 5 trs, 7 tks, tss) * 6

Round 22: (twtss-twtks, 8 tks, 3 trs, 8 tks, tks-tss) * 6

Round 23: (twtss, 10 tks, trs, 10 tks, tss) * 6

Round 24: (twtss-twtks, 21 tks, tks-tss) * 6

Round 25: (twtss, 23 tks, tss) * 6

Round 26: (twtss-twtks, 23 tks, tks-tss) * 6

Round 27: (twtss, 25 tks, tss) * 6

Round 28: (twtss-twtks, 25 tks, tks-tss) * 6

Round 29: (twtss, 27 tks, tss) * 6

Round 30: (twtss-twtks, 27 tks, tks-tss) * 6

Round 31: (twtss, 29 tks, tss) * 6

Round 32: (twtss-twtks, 29 tks, tks-tss) * 6

Round 33: (twtss, 31 tks, tss) * 6

Round 34: (twtss-twtks, 31 tks, tks-tss) * 6

Round 35: (twtss, 33 tks, tss) * 6

Round 36: (twtss-twtks, 33 tks, tks-tss) * 6

Round 37: (twtss, 35 tks, tss) * 6Round 38: (twtss-twtks, 35 trs, tks-tss) * 6

Round 39: (39 trs) * 6
This is the bind off round. You will make a slip stitch every time you pick up a loop on your hook. Fasten off and weave in ends.

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Hexagon #3 of the Extension Pack of the Ipsa Tunisian Blanket CAL 2024 hosted by KnitterKnotter. This CAL includes 30 hexagons crafted using the in-the-round technique in a continuous spiral. The pattern is worked with a double-ended hook, and the colorwork is achieved through different stitches, eliminating the need to change colors in the middle of a round.

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