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Asti Doily

Asti Doily Pattern created by Tayu Purnamasari

Welcome back to the Guest Blogger series on KnitterKnotter! Here, you will find free patterns shared by some very talented bloggers from around the world!

I am excited to share with you the latest guest pattern, the Asti Doily designed by Tayu Purnamasari. You can check out her designs in Ravelry, and make sure to follow her on Instagram!

** All the pictures in this blog post are provided by Tayu Purnamasari

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Meet the designer

Hi, my name is Tayu and I come from Indonesia. Designing is really new thing for me. But with a help of a friend finally I encourage my self to start design. And here is one of my tiny mandala. Hope you all enjoy it. Happy crocheting.

Inspiration for the pattern

I had no special inspiration while designing Asti. I just want to make the tiny cute mandala that could also be used as a coaster or a mini doily. In Sanskrit, Asti means ‘gem’ and in Indonesian it means ‘small, beautiful’.

About the pattern and the yarn

I used Crochet Rockstar Balinese Cotton 8 ply, a local balinese cotton yarn in Indonesia.

Asti Doily Pattern created by Tayu Purnamasari


This pattern is available for free on the KnitterKnotter blog. I would love to see your projects on Instagram! Tag your posts with:
@knitterknotter #knitterknotter @tayupurnamasari

Click here to queue pattern in Ravelry!
You can see some very pretty tester versions there too

What you will need (with clickable affiliate links)

  1. DK weight yarn in 3 colors
  2. 2.5 mm crochet hook
  3. Scissors
  4. Tapestry needle
  5. Stitch markers

Experience level



The pictured doily measure 18 cms in diameter.


st / sts : stitch / stitches
ch : chain
sc : single crochet
hdc : half double crochet 
dc : double crochet
tr : treble crochet 
sp /sps : space / spaces 
sk : skip 
tog : together 
fp : front post 
bp : back post 
pm : put marker 
*..* : repeat the instruction between the asterisks as many times as directed
(..x) : repeat of stitches made in the same chain-space or stitch 
(…) : long repeats of group of stitches over multiple stitches
{…} : total of stitches in a row or side 

Special Stitches

dc2tog (2 double crochet together): yarn over, insert the hook in the indicated st, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through -2 loops on the hook- , yarn over, insert the hook in the next indicated st, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through 2 loops on the hook, yarn over, pull through all 3 loops on the hook. ~ s-picot-hdc: ch3, hdc in the top loop, sideways, of the dc just made.

bphdc (back post half double crochet): yarn over, insert your hook around the indicated post of the stitch from back to front and to back again. Finish as a normal hdc. 

popcorn: Make 5 dc into the indicated st / sp, take your hook out of the 5 th st, insert hook into the first dc from front to back pick up the loop of the 5th st and pull through, ch 1 to secure -does not count as a stitch-. ~ fpdc (front post double crochet): yarn over, insert your hook around the indicated post of the stitch from front to back and to front again. Finish as a normal dc. 

picot: ch3, slst in the first ch.


After 3 rounds, the doily measures 3 cms from the center.

Pattern Notes

1. Each round starts with a standing st 
2. Each round ends with an invisible join
This pattern is FREE for all. If you want other people to join, please appreciate me by sharing the pattern’s link not by coping the pattern. Please don’t copy, edit, or sell a part of the whole pattern. Feel free to sell your finished project but please don’t use my pictures to promote. Thank you for your attention. Happy crocheting!


Step 1:
(A). 12 dc in a magic ring. 
{Total: 12 dc}

Step 2:
(B). Start in any dc. 
*make (dc, ch1) in each dc*(12x). 
{Total: 12 dc, 12 ch1-sp / 24 sts}

Step 3:
(C). Work only in the ch1-sp, sk all other sts. Start in any ch1-sp. 
*(2 dc, ch2) in each ch1-sp*(12x).
{Total: 24 dc, 12 ch2-sp / 48 sts}

Step 4:
(A). Start in any ch2-sp. 
*2 sc in the ch2-sp -pm in the 1st sc-, sc in the next 2 sts*(12x). 
{Total: 48 sc}

Step 5:
(C). Start in the marked sc. 
*dc2tog -the first leg is in the (marked) sc, the second leg is in the next sc-, ch2*(24x).
{Total: 24 dc2tog, 24 ch2-sp / 72 sts}

Step 6:
(B). Work only in the ch2-sp, sk all other sts.
Start in any ch2-sp. 
*(dc, s-picot-hdc, dc) in the ch2-sp, ch1*(24x).
{Total: 48 dc, 24 s-picot-hdc, 24 ch1-sp / 96 sts}

Step 7:
(A). Work only in the ch3-sp -made from s-picot-hdc that has been made
at the previous round-, sk all other sts.
Start in any ch3-sp. 
*(3 dc, ch1, 3 dc) in ch3-sp, (sc, ch3, sc) in the next ch3-sp*(12x). 
{Total: 24 sc, 72 dc, 12 ch1-sp, 12 ch3-sp / 144 sts}

Step 8:
(C). Start in any ch3-sp. 
*7 dc in ch3-sp -pm in the 1st dc-, (sc, ch2, sc) in the next ch1-sp*(12x).
{Total: 24 sc, 84 dc, 12 ch2-sp / 132 sts}

Step 9:
Start in the marked dc. 
*bphdc around the next 7 dc, ch1, popcorn in the next ch2-sp,
{Total: 12 popcorn, 84 bphdc, 24 ch1-sp / 120 sts}

Step 10:
Start at any popcorn. 
*fpdc around the popcorn, ch3, sc in the next bphdc -the 1st bphdc-, ch3, sk 2 bphdc, sc in the next bphdc -the middle bphdc-, ch3, sk 2 bphdc, sc in the next bphdc -the last bphdc-, ch3*(12x).
{Total: 36 sc, 12 fpdc, 48 ch3-sp / 192 sts}

Step 11:
Work only in the fpdc and the ch3-sp, sk all scs.
Start in any fpdc. 
*(sc, pic, sc) in the fpdc, (3 sc in the next ch3-sp)4x*(12x). 
{Total: 12 picot, 168 sc / 180 sts}

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Tuesday 5th of July 2022

Dear Arunima,

I like all your beautiful patterns and would like to crochet all of them. Nowadays I'm making a big (a very big!) afghan and first of all I want to accomplish it (frankly it is boring to me a little). Have a nice week! With love Marianne