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Crochet Skirt Patterns Galore – A Round Up of 17 Boho Designs!

Let’s talk Boho fashion. The term means ‘Bohemian‘ and can represent all sorts of things to different people. For me, I think that most crocheted garments fit into the boho category. Especially if they contain some spaces, are lacy or feature granny squares… Which all of the below crochet skirt patterns do!

Adding some Bohemian charm to your everyday, therefore, is as simple as finding some clothing crochet patterns that you love. I believe this collection of crochet skirt patterns captures the free-spirited essence of boho style, and I’m sure that like me, you’re going to love them!

From mini skirts to long cover ups and cheerful flared pieces, each on of these premium and free crochet skirt patterns, is a testament to the versatility of crochet. With different colors, yarn types and by adding embellishments, you can infuse your own personal style into any of these boho-inspired projects.

So, sit down with a cuppa and have a read through this blog post. Then grab yarn and crochet hook and let’s elevate your wardrobe with these 17 captivating crochet skirts that redefine boho chic.

17 Beautiful Bohemian Skirt Crochet Pattern roundup KnitterKnotter

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Crochet Mini Skirt Patterns

If you love your legs, show them off! Plus there’s the added bonus of keeping extra cool.

Skyra Skort mini skirt Crochet Written Pattern by etsy Crochet corner PH

Skyra Skort by Crochet Corner PH

Etsy Shop: Crochet Corner PH

While not officially a mini skirt – as there’s little shorts underneath, I actually think this is like a bonus pattern! You can easily customize this advanced beginner pattern to make it a little more – or less – fairycore, depending on your summery skort needs.

Patons Regent Park Granny Square Skirt by Yarnspirations

Patons Regent Park Granny Square Skirt by Yarnspirations

Photo Credit: yarnspirations.com

Boho design and granny squares and a mini skirt too – oh my! I wasn’t quite sure which category should feature this fun and cute skirt pattern. Choose your contrasting yarn colors to complement the mix and match graphic blocks of this festival goer skirt design. Then be the envy of all, whenever you wear this summer crochet skirt!

Reversible Skirt crochet pattern by Wilmade

Reversible Skirt by Wilmade

Photo Credit: wilmade.com

This reversible skirt pattern is available for sizes XS to 3XL. It’s a seamless design that’s worked in the round and produces a textured design on both sides. There’s a helpful video tutorial included with this free pattern. It’s a simple yet stylish piece, that not only offers a time-saving crochet experience, but also provides the convenience of having two outfits in one.

Long Maxi Crochet Skirt Patterns

The boho vibe is clear in the following patterns, and long skirts feel so lovely when we’re walking. Maxi skirts can be very forgiving too and they hide our legs!

Long Flower Skirt Pattern stitched with lena etsy crochet pattern

Long Flower Skirt by Lena

Etsy Shop: Stitched with Lena

Featuring a subtle flower design and using basic crochet stitches, this is a simple maxi skirt pattern that won’t take a month to make! The pattern can be easily adjusted for sizes 1 through to 5 and uses super fine cotton yarn.

ELLE Skirt Crochet Pattern Intermediate Made-to-Measure Tutorials and Videos by SERATT etsy Crochet Summer Skirt

ELLE Skirt by Janice K

Etsy Shop: SERATT Project

This long skirt pattern includes helpful videos, to helpfully guide you through it’s creation. Made with simple stitches, it’s a pretty and flowy crochet skirt pattern that could easily become your go-to for everyday, no matter the season.

Free Crochet Skirt Pattern. Caribbean Skirt cover up by Yarnspirations

Caribbean Skirt Cover Up by Yarnspirations

Photo Credit: Yarnspirations.com

An exquisite crochet cover up skirt pattern, to layer over your beach or city outfit. This is a free pattern available in sizes S to 2XL. Simple and stylish, this is an easy pattern for adventurous beginners. It looks great in a solid color, although a self-striping yarn would look great too.

Knee-length Skirts with Pockets

In the fashion world, pockets were unanimously ignored for a long time in womenswear! However, designers are now becoming more aware that women love pockets! Hooray!

Skirt Pattern for Beginners by Cosy Rosie UK

Photo Credit: www.cosyrosieuk.co.uk

This refreshing A-line design, is a free and simple pattern, that’s been made for comfort and practicality. The pockets are attached to the main skirt later, which makes them optional. But I would want to include them, wouldn’t you?

Crochet Pocket Skirt Pattern by Fosbas Designs

Waves of Bliss Pocket Skirt by Fosbas Designs

Photo Credit: www.fosbasdesigns.com

This free skirt pattern is available in 9 different sizes and is easily customizable for a perfect fit on any body shape. Boasting convenient pockets, this is a no-sew pattern that’s designed for as a quick crochet project that offers a pretty, flared, mid-length silhouette.

Midi Boho Skirt Patterns

Mid-length skirts can be the perfect year ’round garment. Add stockings underneath for added warmth in the cooler months, or wear with just a tank for the warmer seasons. Knee-length skirts can be a very versatile style!

Serenity crochet skirt free pattern mid length free skirt by Fosbas Designs

Serenity Flared Skirt by Fosbas Designs

Photo Credit: fosbasdesigns.com

A fun and flouncy crochet skirt pattern featuring buttons and a relaxed fit. The perfect pattern for every skill level, it’s a super simple pattern that primarily uses double crochet. This free pattern is available in 9 sizes (XS to 5XL), and calls for worsted weight yarn.

The Kalese Crochet Suspender Skirt Pattern by Dream Crochet Shoppe

The Kalese Crochet Suspender Skirt by Ashlee Wright

Etsy Shop: Dream Crochet Shoppe

I love this quirky skirt design with added suspenders! The photos show it flowing when the model spins. it really is a unique piece, and so much fun! The sizes are XS to 5XL, with an easy to follow, photo tutorial included.

Beach Dreaming Skirt by Amber Bliss Calderón

Beach Dreaming Skirt by Amber Bliss Calderón

Photo Credit: amberblissthis.com

A high-waisted, midi skirt, meticulously crafted with ribbed waist detailing. This crochet skirt pattern has been worked side to side to create the shell stitch in rounds, giving the illusion of a bias pattern. The skirt sizes from baby 12 mos all the way up to ANY women’s size and length. So if you’d like to, Mom can dress matching with her little girl!

Caron Crochet Graphic Skirt Pattern by Yarnspirations

Caron Crochet Graphic Skirt Pattern by Yarnspirations

Photo Credit: yarnspirations.com

As Marilyn sang, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This bold pattern uses the waterfall stitch, which includes single crochet and double crochet techniques. Working in the round, choosing contrasting colors will highlight this free skirt pattern’s timeless appeal. Not just for special occasions, this line skirt pattern is a great addition to your everyday wardrobe.

Granny Square Patterns for Skirts

There’s something you may not have considered with using granny squares for clothing patterns. Adding or removing squares can often be all that’s required, to make an item larger or smaller! Yes, it can be that simple!

Tessa Skirt Crochet Pattern by Kickin Crochet and Granny Squares

Granny Square Tessa Skirt by Kickin’ Crochet

Photo Credit: kickincrochet.com

When we’re talking granny squares, I think join as you go – is the way to go! You’ll learn this technique, as well as the charming puff stitch and how to add an elastic waistband – in the three accompanying video tutorials with this free pattern.

Granny Pop Crochet Skirt by MJs Off the Hook Designs

Granny Pop Crochet Skirt by MJs Off the Hook Designs

Photo Credit: www.mjsoffthehookdesigns.com

A fusion of timeless elegance and modern versatility, this skirt features granny squares and a ribbed waistband for sizes XS to 5XL. Dress it up or down; this classic design seamlessly transitions from a casual summer look when paired with crop tops or tank tops to a cozy winter ensemble with boots and a sweater, ensuring a unique wardrobe staple with timeless appeal.

A Line Skirt + Pencil Skirt + Straight Skirt

What distinguishes an A-line skirt from a pencil skirt, and how does it differ from a straight skirt? These three styles, though seemingly similar, boast distinct characteristics that shape their overall appearance and functionality.

  • An A-line skirt, known for its flared silhouette that widens towards the hem, creates an “A” shape when laid flat. This design allows for ease of movement and a flattering fit around the hips, making it a versatile choice for various occasions.
  • On the other hand, the pencil skirt, sleek and tailored, follows a straight line from the waist to the hem, emphasizing the natural curves of the body. It exudes a sophisticated and professional look, often chosen for formal settings.
  • Lastly, the straight skirt maintains a consistent width from the hip to the hem, offering a classic and timeless style that can be adapted for both casual and semi-formal settings.
Convertible 6-in-1 Ruffle Skirt by Fosbas Designs Pencil Skirt pattern

Convertible 6-in-1 Ruffle Skirt

Photo Credit: fosbasdesigns.com

A pencil skirt with a movable ruffle! This easy crochet pattern is free and available for sizes XS to 5XL and is flattering on all body types! A sophisticated skirt that can be styled in six different ways – each one providing a unique look!

Slow Living Skirt by Dora Does

Slow Living Skirt by Dora Does

Photo Credit: doradoes.co.uk

This is an elegant, modern crochet skirt pattern that embodies a mindful making experience. It’s a relatively simple pattern, that uses the beautiful Herringbone Double Crochet stitch. You’ll be guided through crocheting waist-down from the ribbed waistband, resulting in a beautiful A-line skirt.

Summer Fringe Skirt crochet pattern by Carroway Crochet

Summer Fringe Skirt by Carroway Crochet

Photo Credit: carrowaycrochet.com

A mid-length pencil skirt pattern, with a playful fringe! This free crochet pattern would equally be terrific worn over a bathing suit in Summer, or thick tights in winter. There’s instructions for 9 sizes: XS to 5XL plus how to make a braided belt.

Boho chic fashion – captured in stitches! Exploring Boho fashion in terms of crochet skirt patterns, has been a fun project! I hope you’ve loved the crocheted skirts I found for you!

Each crochet pattern in this collection, from mini skirts to using the classic granny square, and tighter, pencil silhouettes, resonates with the timeless charm of Bohemian fashion. By playing with colors, experimenting with yarn types, and adding unique embellishments, you have the power to infuse your personal style into these crochet creations, truly making them your own.

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16 Skirt Crochet Patterns for Women


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