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Easy Tunisian Crochet Mug Cozy – Free Pattern

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and I wanted to make something quick and easy this time. I decided to make this Tunisian crochet mug cozy that worked out great and is so easy to customize!

If you are new to Tunisian crochet, this mug cozy pattern is a great first project for beginners. It has a base of Tunisian Simple Stitches and a cross stitch heart pattern on it. If you are looking for a last minute project to make for Valentine’s Day (or any other special occasion), this works up really quickly 🙂


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What you will need (with clickable affiliate links)

Tunisian Hooks

I made this Mug Cozy with a 5.00 mm Clover Takumi Interchangeable hook. You can find a full review of all the hooks I own on my blog.

Experience Level



This cozy fits a mug of diameter 4.25 inches (11 cms) and height 3.75 inches (9

Here are the dimensions of the cozy:
Length (with the loop) – 12.5 inches (32 cms)
Height – 2.75 inches (7 cms)


10 rows of 12 Tunisian Simple Stitches is a 2” square.


  1. ch – chain
  2. dec – Decrease – Insert hook into the next two vertical bars, yarn over, pull up a loop on the hook.
  3. fs – First Stitch – Skip the first vertical bar of the previous row (the one right under the
    one on the hook). The loop on the hook will count as the first stitch for every row.
  4. ls – Last Stitch – Pick up the two vertical bars of the last stitch of the previous row, yarn
    over, pull through both the vertical bars into a loop on the hook.
  5. tss – Tunisian Simple Stitch– Insert hook in the vertical bar, yarn over, pull up a loop on
    the hook.
  6. yo – yarn over
  7. FP – Forward Pass
  8. RP – Return Pass


C1: Red
C2: Beige


  1. How to cross stitch on Tunisian Crochet
  2. How to make a Foundation Row
  3. How to make a Tunisian Simple Stitch
  4. How to bind off and end a project
  5. Tunisian Crochet Hooks
  6. How to block a crochet project

Pattern Notes

  1. This pattern is written in English / US terms.
  2. The reverse pass is the same for all rows so it is not mentioned in the pattern below.
    RP: ch1, (yo, pull through two loops)* all the way till the end of the row.


Foundation Row: With C1, chain 17. Make the foundation row stitches in the back loops of the chain.
Rows 1 – 54: fs, 15 tss, ls
Row 55: fs, dec, 11 tss, dec, ls
Row 56: fs, dec, 9 tss, dec, ls
Row 57: fs, dec, 7 tss, dec, ls
Row 58: fs, dec, 5 tss, dec, ls
Row 59: fs, dec, 3 tss, dec, ls
Row 60: fs, dec, tss, dec, ls
Row 61: fs, 3 tss, ls
Row 62: fs, 3 tss, ls. This will be the bind off row. You will make a slip stitch every time you
pick up a loop on your hook. Do not cut the yarn.
Row 63 (make a loop for the button): chain 6 and join with the fs from Row 62 with a slip
stitch. Now, make single crochet stitches in the chain to cover the chain (I made about 40
stitches), join with the ls of Row 62 with a slip stitch. Cut yarn, fasten off, weave in ends and
attach a button.

Cross Stitch Hearts: Use the chart below and cross stitch 3 hearts on the panel with C2. I used two strands of C2 held together for the cross stitch.

Attach a liner (optional): To prevent your cozy from slipping, you can cut a rectangular piece of a non-slip liner and attach it to the wrong side of the cozy.

Chart for Cross Stitch Hearts


You can adjust the size of the mug cozy depending on the size of your mug.

To adjust height: Increase or decrease the number of stitches per row as needed.
To adjust circumference: Increase or decrease the number of Simple Stitch rows before Row 49 as needed.

If you do make an adjustment, you might have to modify the cross stitch chart as well for the
hearts to fit your cozy.


This pattern is available for free on my blog. I would love to see your projects on Instagram! Tag your posts with:
@knitterknotter #knitterknotter#madewithknitterknotter

If you would like a PDF version of this pattern in one printable file (or just to support me), you can purchase a print-friendly ad-free version of this pattern from my RavelryEtsy and LoveCrochet shops. 

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Copyright and Terms of Use

This pattern is for personal use only. You are welcome to make and sell handmade items using this pattern but you are required to credit the design to Arunima Goel @ KnitterKnotter by linking back to https://knitterknotter.com. Do not publish or sell this pattern, in part or in full and do not make any video tutorials of this pattern without my permission. When featuring KnitterKnotter in pattern roundups, blog articles or Facebook posts, you may use one of my photos and provide a link back to the original source.


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