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Tunisian Crochet Hooks

There are a bunch of different Tunisian crochet hooks that are available to purchase. I have 3 hook sets and I will talk about them in this post in the order I bought them. If I end up purchasing any other hooks in the future, I will add them here. This is not a sponsored post. There are clickable affiliate links that are marked with a *.

There are two ways to hold a hook – the pencil hold and the knife hold. The way you hold your hook is a huge factor in making the decision to pick the right hook for your project. I will try to incorporate pros and cons of all the hooks for both holds but I have a slightly better understanding of the pencil hold.*

Bamboo hooks

These Bamboo hooks* were the first set of Tunisian crochet hooks that I bought. I wanted to learn Tunisian crochet and they were priced just right for something that was an experiment at the time.


1. Great price.
2. The hooks themselves are light in weight.
3. The cord is long enough to hold a very large number of stitches for large projects.


1. Because of the weight of the cord, and because I have a pencil hold, they get very heavy while working on any project and put a lot of pressure on my wrist.
2. Some of them require a little sanding otherwise they split the yarn.
3. It is not possible to work on projects that require double ended hooks.

Overall, the quality of these hooks is not that great and the weight of the cord puts a lot of stress on my wrist because of which my hands get fatigued very easily. I have not used them enough to know if the cords are durable and if they will stay attached to the hooks while working on larger projects. They were really good to start off with but I wouldn’t use them for large projects.

Aluminium hooks

These Aluminium crochet hooks* were the second set of hooks I bought because I was looking for another affordable option that did not have the problems that I faced with the bamboo hooks. These worked out slightly better than the bamboo hooks mostly because of their weight and the smaller sizes were putting lesser pressure on my wrists.


1. They are less cumbersome to use than the bamboo hooks because there is no cord attached to them.
2. They are quite long so they can accommodate a large number of stitches at once because of which they can be used for mid-size projects.
3. They are good for learning Tunisian crochet and are perfect for projects that require single ended hooks.


1. The larger sizes are quite heavy.
2. The sizes printed on the hooks seem to fade away with time.
3. Some of them split the yarn and that makes them unusable.
4. Because there is no cord, they can get very heavy if you have a large number of stitches on the hook at once. This is a bigger problem with the pencil hold as it gets very stressful for the wrist just like with the bamboo ones.
5. It is not possible to work on projects that require double ended hooks.

After getting a lot of practice with these hooks, I decided to invest in other hooks because I was going to start designing Tunisian crochet projects and I needed double ended hooks.

Denise Interchangeable Crochet Hooks

After some research I found the Denise Interchangeable Crochet Hooks*. They were affordable and had good overall reviews.


1. They come in a set with stoppers, extenders, cords of different lengths so you can build a custom hook based on the project you are working on.
2. They come in a box so they are very easy to store.
3. They can be easily used for regular crochet too.
4. It is possible to work on projects that require double ended hooks.
5. They are easy on the hands and I have worked on large and small projects both in-a-round and flat and I have not experienced any fatigue in my hands.
6. Individual hooks are also available if you would like to build a double ended hook with the same size hook on both sides.


1. After using them for a lot of projects, I found that some times my cord and hook get detached if my project gets too heavy. This usually happens when I am working my reverse pass since I have a very quick repeated motion that involves twisting the hook which eventually unlocks itself from the cord. I am wondering if there is a way to lock them in place. I will update this space if I find a solution for this.
2. I know some people find them to be slightly short in length and that gives them trouble with their hands with the knife hold.

I am using these for my current projects and plan to continue using them for my future ones too. I have made some large projects with them without any trouble with my hands (Vajra scarf, Ruffled waters shawl, Madhu blanket) so I highly recommend them.

Update (12/21) – I have switched from the pencil hold to the knife hold for Tunisian crochet projects and I find these hooks slightly uncomfortable to use by themselves. But, there is a very easy fix. I attach the shortest cable to the hook (without the stopper) and that extends the hook without really adding any bulk to it!

Clover Takumi Interchangeable Crochet Hooks

I received a set of the Takumi Interchangeable Crochet Hooks* from Clover recently. They are made of bamboo and are fairly affordable with a lot of good reviews.


1. They come in a set with stoppers and cords of different lengths so you can build a custom hook based on the project you are working on.
2. They come in a case with conveniently placed pockets for everything in the set.
3. They can be easily used for regular crochet too.4. It is possible to work on projects that require double ended hooks.
5. They are made of bamboo and are longer than the Denise hooks. This might be helpful for people with the knife hold.
6. They cords swivel at the joints and that makes working with larger projects very easy.
7. The stoppers and cords have screws to join them so they don’t come undone while crocheting.


1. When I crochet, I use the pencil hold and I noticed that the stoppers came in the way some times because of their weight. It was more of an annoyance than a con and I just had to switch to a longer cord or slow down a bit to get around this issue.
2. Another problem I had when I started working with the hook was that it was snagging yarn if I picked up speed while crocheting. It stopped happening once I had a little practice with them. I am yet to try it with different yarn types. I will try them with other yarn types update this space after some time with more information.

I am using these for some of my current projects and plan to continue using them for my future ones too. If you are looking for hooks that are on the longer side and are really comfortable to work with, these are a great option!

Knitter’s Pride Ginger Interchangeable Crochet Hooks

I received a set of the Knitter’s Pride Ginger Interchangeable Crochet Hooks* from Knitter’s Pride recently. They are made of laminated birch wood and come in a premium vegan case. I find myself picking them up most often for projects that don’t need a large cord.

Tunisian crochet ginger set review - hooks, pen, case, stitch markers


  1. The finish of these hooks is great, they are incredibly smooth and work well with a variety of different yarns (I have tried them with Acrylic, Cotton, Wool, and a nylon acrylic blend).
  2. The hooks are long and are easy to hold.
  3. The cords are flexible and they join with the hook seamlessly.
  4. The pen is a very nice addition and is very useful in taking notes while working on a pattern. It also matches the hooks perfectly.
  5. The pattern holder is a great addition and, since it is incorporated in the case, it doesn’t require any extra space.
  6. It is great that the stitch markers are made of metal and not plastic.
  7. It is possible to build a double ended hook by either using two similar sized but different hooks on two ends of the cord OR by attaching the same hook at the other end while making the reverse pass.
  8. The hooks are inline which makes it very easy to pick up the different loops and bars for making Tunisian stitches.
  9. The sizes are etched on the hooks so I don’t have to worry about them fading away after some time.


  1. The connectors, end caps, and cords need to be tightened using the cord keys otherwise they tend to unscrew while working. The set itself did not come with any instructions about how to tighten the different parts and I had to do a little looking around to figure out what the cord keys were for.
  2. The stitch markers are not removable and it looks like they would be more useful while knitting.
  3. All the cords included in the set are very long. It would’ve been great to have some cords for smaller projects too.

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Happy crocheting!

Disclosure: this page contains affiliate links marked with a *


Monday 13th of June 2022

I bought the bamboo Knitter's Pride set and really like them but if I stick with Tunisian I may find I want to upgrade at some point because of the swivel cables of the ChaioGoo set. We'll see--so far happy with what I bought.


Monday 13th of June 2022

Hello Diane, I really like the Knitter's Pride Ginger set, those long tips work very well for me. I know that Knitter's Pride offers swivel cords that can be purchased separately. I don't have them but I've heard good things about them. I thought I'd mention it in case you wanted to try them instead of purchasing a different set just for this reason.


Wednesday 5th of January 2022

I'm going to try Tunisian and Afghan crochet this year. I'd say I hold the hook kind of like a pencil and would appreciate some thoughts on the best hooks to buy. I am on quite a tight budget but would be happy to buy a couple of really decent hooks to start with and gradually build up my collection. Thanking you in advance ????


Thursday 6th of January 2022

@Kathy, I also hold my hook like a pencil but, with time and doing a lot of Tunisian crochet, I naturally switched to the knife hold while doing Tunisian crochet. I think the reason is that we end up having a lot of stitches on the hook (in large projects like blankets) and it gets hard on the wrist to carry all that weight. I don't know if this helps but I thought I'd share it anyway.

I recommend getting a set of interchangeable hooks for two reasons - 1. a set comes with a range of hook sizes and you can try different sizes to see which one works best with the yarn you have chosen, and 2. It is possible to build a double ended hook to work squares in a round. I like all three sets that I own. The Denise Interchangeable set was my first buy which was the best value for money when I was starting off. Depending on the weight of yarn you work with, you could purchase one of these: https://www.knitdenise.com/products/love2crochet?aff=16&variant=4289111749. Or, you could buy individual hooks of the ones you like and build up your collection that way.

I hope this helps, please feel free to reach out if you have any more questions.


Saturday 5th of June 2021

Thanks for a great, helpful review! Note that the link you gave for the Knitter's Pride Ginger hook set on Amazon is for knitting needles, not crochet hooks. Below is a link for the crochet hooks; they also have one that comes with a project bag.



Monday 7th of June 2021

@SALLIE, Thank you Sallie! I've updated the link, I really appreciate you leaving me a comment to let me know!

Marie Westerman

Sunday 27th of December 2020

Which are the longest hooks? I have the Denise set but they hurt my hands because I do the knife hold.


Monday 28th of December 2020

I just checked all my interchangeable sets, the Clover Takumi hooks are the longest. I have found myself picking up the Knitter's Pride ginger set more often than the others because I like the hook head but I do like how the cord swivels at the joints in the Clover set.

Cyndi Kanehailua

Saturday 19th of December 2020

I plan on using Tunisian more in the new year! It’s different and not a lot know how to do or use. Which makes you Wips Unique and more personal. In regards to Knitters Pride Ginger Set, I’ve been eyeing them since last year. I have the Knitter Pride Bamboo set and the cords come indifferent sizes, which I’m sure can be used with Ginger set. Fancy Snancy this Ginger set, but regular set works just as good but bigger sizes come in different colors. Affordable and easy to use, need a key to lock hook, cord and ending in place, but comes with set and with extra set of cords, purchase separately. I got mine on Amazon clover knitting set at Joanns using 50% coupon. Metal hooks were my first set and love them and perfect for learning and getting used to long hooks.

I Do have Denise look a likes in small sizes of the set I don’t use nor like for hooks are not for me. I love to gift someone who is in need, just pay sipping and handling fees. Let me know Cyndi Crocynwithwine@gmail.com


Sunday 4th of December 2022

@Cyndi Kanehailua, I have the. Knitters Pride bamboo for my first set which I bought on Amazon. Added the KP Gingers and bought 2 of the swivel cords from the KP Mindful collection (from WEBs) additionally--seems all the cords fit all their crochet and knitting sets. I have used the bamboo and Ginger Pride, same size on short cord (found the cords are measured from tip of hook to end of cord) for double ended Tunisian too. Since I don't have any other sets, can't compare but really like the KP (I use Clover Amours for regular crochet when I do that). I also have a set of multicolored cords (it has a 13") that fit KP that I found on Amazon--and think someone else gave link for the Mindful (they are all aqua) swivel cords--I bought the 16" and 32" and sometimes connect the 16" to my nonswivel cables for longer but not as long as 32"--seems to work fine too.


Wednesday 6th of January 2021

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