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Ginger Tunisian Interchangeable Hooks by Knitter’s Pride (Review)

Tunisian crochet ginger set review - 12 hooks and a pen

Disclaimer: The products reviewed in this post were provided by Knitter’s Pride and includes affiliate links; all opinions are my own.

Let’s talk about first impressions – the Knitter’s Pride Ginger Tunisian Crochet Hook Set is beautiful! Everything about it is beautiful – the look and feel of the hooks and the case, the built-in pattern holder, the pen, and the case! I have wanted to try these hooks for a while and when I received them, I jumped right in! I have made a bunch of things with these since I received them and I love working with them. You can read all about my experience with these hooks in this post below.

Try Tunisian Crochet!

Before we get to the hooks, have you tried Tunisian crochet? If this is your first set of hooks, I have some stitch tutorials to get you started so you are ready to take on some bigger projects easily!

What the set contains

Tunisian crochet ginger set review - 12 hooks, a pen, cords and stitch markers

12 Crochet Hooks

3.5 mm, 3.75 mm, 4 mm, 4.5 mm, 5 mm, 5.5 mm, 6 mm, 6.5 mm, 8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm

Tunisian crochet ginger set review - case

A premium vegan case

Tunisian crochet ginger set review - pattern holder

Pattern holder

Tunisian crochet ginger set review - 4 cords

4 cords

1 cord each of 24″ & 40″ and 2 cords of 32″

Tunisian crochet ginger set review - 8 end caps

8 end caps

Tunisian crochet ginger set review - 4 cord keys

4 cord keys

Tunisian crochet ginger set review - 1 set of magnets

1 set of magnets

Tunisian crochet ginger set review - 1 set of cord connectors

1 set of cord connectors

Tunisian crochet ginger set review - 1 pen

1 pen

Tunisian crochet ginger set review - metallic stitch markers

Stitch markers


The hooks

Hook Sizes – Since I work with medium to bulky weight yarn a lot, this set is really good because it has a bunch of hooks in larger sizes (8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm). I rarely use the hooks smaller than 5.5 mm for Tunisian crochet and it was really important for me to have larger hook options and this set does great in that respect.

The finish – The hooks are made up of laminated birch wood. They are very smooth and they glide through the yarn easily. I have not experienced any snagging of yarn with these. The hooks are long and slightly heavy as compared to the other hooks I own but that’s only slightly uncomfortable at first. While using them, I get the feeling that I am working with a sturdy product and, with time, the experience of crocheting with them gets better. The sizes are etched on the hooks and are not printed. This is very helpful because I don’t have to worry about them fading away after some time!

Hook head and style – One significant feature (that’s different from all the other hooks I own) of these hooks is their large head. When I started working with them, it felt like that would be a problem but I got used to it after making just a few rows of my first swatch. I find myself more comfortable working with these hooks than with my other hooks because of this feature. For some reason, the larger head and the smooth finish of the hook head make it very easy to work with them.

Also, the hooks are inline and because of the long head, they are very useful in finding the different loops and bars of Tunisian stitches that you can insert your hook into for making different stitches.

The Case

The case is made up of vegan leather and is both pretty and functional. It comes with a pattern holder that can be held in place with a couple of loops and buttons. It also contains a storage pocket to hold everything that comes with the set – the cords, connectors, end caps, cords, and stitch markers.

Pattern Holder

The pattern holder is a great addition and doesn’t take any additional space because it is incorporated in the case itself. The included magnets hold the pattern document in place and the case stands easily because of the loops you see on the sides. It is super easy to fold the case back with the document right where it was so you won’t have to adjust it every single time you want to work on it!

Cords, connectors, stitch markers, and end caps

The cords are smooth and flexible and attach with the hooks seamlessly. While working on a larger project, they are very comfortable to work with. It is possible to connect them and make larger cords by using the connectors included in the set. The end caps screw onto the cords easily and keep the loops in place.

The included stitch markers are a great addition and are made of metal. They look more suited to knitting but I am going to give them a try with Tunisian crochet and see how they work out.

The pen

Having a pen was a great addition. It is so handy to have because I keep losing mine and since there is a spot for it in the case, it is so easy to keep it in place!

The cord keys

If you are wondering what these keys are for, they can be inserted in the holes in the cord ends to tighten the screws so the don’t come undone while crocheting.

When I tried them for the first time, I didn’t think it would make a huge difference since I was screwing the cords pretty tightly myself but I was wrong! I strongly recommend using these keys to tighten the cord screws before you start working on a project.

Review Summary


  1. The finish of these hooks is great, they are incredibly smooth and work well with a variety of different yarns (I have tried them with Acrylic, Cotton, Wool, and a nylon acrylic blend).
  2. The hooks are long and are easy to hold.
  3. The cords are flexible and they join with the hook seamlessly.
  4. The pen is a very nice addition and is very useful in taking notes while working on a pattern. It also matches the hooks perfectly.
  5. The pattern holder is a great addition and, since it is incorporated in the case, it doesn’t require any extra space.
  6. It is great that the stitch markers are made of metal and not plastic.
  7. It is possible to build a double ended hook by either using two similar sized but different hooks on two ends of the cord OR by attaching the same hook at the other end while making the reverse pass.
  8. The hooks are inline which makes it very easy to pick up the different loops and bars for making Tunisian stitches.
  9. The sizes are etched on the hooks so I don’t have to worry about them fading away after some time.


  1. The connectors, end caps, and cords need to be tightened using the cord keys otherwise they tend to unscrew while working. The set itself did not come with any instructions about how to tighten the different parts and I had to do a little looking around to figure out what the cord keys were for.
  2. The stitch markers are not removable and it looks like they would be more useful while knitting.
  3. All the cords included in the set are very long. It would’ve been great to have some cords for smaller projects too.

Where to buy your Knitter’s Pride Ginger set from?

This set is available for purchase from Amazon.

What I am working on with this set

The first thing I made with these hooks was the Intemporal Cardigan by Rachel Henri. I have a few more projects that I made with these hooks and you will be able to find patterns for them on my blog as I complete them.

Some Tunisian crochet patterns to try

You can find all my Tunisian crochet tutorials by clicking here. The following are some of my favorites!

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