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How to carry yarn to the next row without cutting


I have never been a fan of weaving in lots of ends so I keep looking for ways to not cut my yarn while I am working on projects. Here is a method that I use to carry yarn to the next row while working every row in the same direction. It works well with single crochet and half double crochet stitches and only when you are working with a width of less than 7 stitches. I recommend cutting and reattaching if you need to carry yarn over a width of 8 stitches or more.

Photo tutorial

Step 1: Make the last single crochet stitch on the current row.

Step 2: Secure the stitch by tying a knot. Note: You can skip this step if this is not the last stitch of the row and if you are attaching a different yarn here.

Step 3: Insert hook into the intended stitch on the next row and pull the yarn through the stitch into a loop on the hook. Make sure there is no pulling and the carried yarn is nice and loose.

Step 4: Make a single crochet stitch and work over the carried strand in the back.

Step 5: Single crochet all the way to the end of the row. Make sure to work the carried strand in the back of every stitch.

Step 6: Flip your work and make sure that the carried yarn is hidden under the single crochet stitches.

Voila! I did not have to cut the yarn and I have the carried yarn nicely hidden at the back of the project.

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