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12 Perfect Temperature Blanket Crochet Pattern Ideas for the New Year!

On January 1st, embark on a vibrant journey through the changing seasons, with this collection of temperature blanket crochet pattern ideas! As the New Year unfolds, there’s no better way to document the passage of time, than by creating your own temperature blanket, that reflects your experience of the ever-changing weather. 

In this blog post, I’ve gathered 12 imaginative and inspiring crochet patterns to help you decide what to craft for your own, fun year-long crochet project! These ideas will guide you through the process of planning and crafting a visually stunning temperature blanket. Get ready to weave a tapestry of colors that tells the story of the coming year—one stitch at a time.

12 Perfect Temperature Blanket Crochet Pattern Ideas for 2024 KnitterKnotter

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What is a temperature blanket crochet pattern?

A crochet temperature blanket is a creative and visually appealing project that involves crocheting a blanket where each row or section represents the temperature for each day of the year. Although you can choose your own designated period of time. The idea is to use different colors to represent a full temperature range, creating a unique and personalized visual record of the weather.

Here’s a general overview of how a crochet temperature blanket pattern might work:

  • Choose Temperature Range: Decide on a set of temperature ranges and assign a unique color or stitch pattern to each range. For example:
  • Below freezing: Blue
  • 32-50°F: Green
  • 51-70°F: Yellow
  • 71-90°F: Orange
  • Above 90°F: Red

SEE Below for my FREE Temperature Blanket Color Chart!

  • Select Time Period: Determine the time period you want to cover. Common choices include a year, a season, or a significant life event.
  • Record Daily Temperatures: Keep track of the daily temperatures for your chosen location. You can use a weather app, a thermometer, or any other reliable source.
  • Crochet Each Day: For each day in your chosen time period, crochet a row or section using the color that corresponds to the recorded temperature for that day. Or sit down once a week to do the same.
  • Build the Blanket: As you progress, you’ll see the blanket grow with a unique color pattern reflecting the temperature variations over time. The end result is a visually striking and meaningful representation of the weather throughout the selected period.
  • Personalize the Design: Feel free to add additional elements to make the blanket more personal. You could incorporate special stitches, create a border, or even add labels with dates and significant events. You will discover even more creative ideas in the 12 patterns below!

Keep in mind that the key to a successful temperature blanket is consistency. Using the same stitch pattern, count and tension that you’ve chosen for each day ensures that the final blanket has a cohesive and visually appealing look. This project is a great way to commemorate a special period in your life or to create a thoughtful and unique gift for someone else. Such as a child’s birth year or a couple’s anniversary.

Great Reasons to Craft a Temperature Blanket Keepsake

  1. Transform daily temperatures into a tangible and visually striking record, turning a simple blanket into a temperature chart that captures the passing seasons.
  2. Documenting a year marked by significant milestones, whether personal achievements, life-changing events, or special moments. A temperature blanket becomes a living tribute to the unique journey of that particular year.
  3. Relive meteorological and emotional highs and lows as each row represents a whole year of memories through a range of temperatures.
  4. Beyond functionality, a temperature blanket serves as a creative outlet, allowing artistic expression while maintaining a sense of routine and accomplishment.
  5. As the year concludes, your completed temperature blanket transforms into a cherished heirloom, encapsulating memories and providing a cozy reminder of unique moments woven into each day. This can then be passed down and will become a conversation starter through generations.
  6. Crafting a temperature blanket for a child’s birth year is a heartwarming gift. Each stitch will represent the days marking the journey of growth and discovery for the first year of a new baby.

Selecting the Perfect Yarn for Your Color Chart

One of the most exciting parts of making a temperature blanket, in my opinion – is selecting the yarn! Here are a few things to think about when picking out your yarn for your chosen temperature blanket crochet pattern.

  • Entire Blanket Size: This is one of the reasons you will want to decide on the temperature blanket crochet pattern you wish to use ahead of time! If you decide to just ‘wing it‘, you might end up with a blanket that’s too small or a too big blanket!
  • Fiber Content: Think about how warm you want your blanket and how easy it is to wash. Different yarns have different fibers, and that affects these factors.
  • Color Range: Get a yarn with lots of colors available! Whether you like rainbows or more subtle tones, having many color options will make your blanket look fantastic.
  • Yarn Weight: Bulky yarns are quick to work with, but if you want a standard throw blanket size, go for something a bit thinner. Most of the patterns included below, use worsted weight yarn (medium weight) or DK yarn (a bit lighter).

My personal recommendation would be Brava Worsted Weight or Brava Sport Weight yarn from KnitPicks / WeCrochet – both fit all the criteria I’ve mentioned.

However, each of the patterns listed below, include their own yarn suggestions. So you’re set, whatever type of yarn you choose.

PRO TIP! Because you’ll be stopping and starting, stitch markers are an essential crochet tool!
My favorite stitch markers of all time are these although you could find a perfect set from here too.

SEE Below for my FREE Temperature Blanket Color Chart!

Tunisian Crochet Temperature Blankets

Tunisian Crochet Temperature Blanket by TL Yarn Crafts

Photo Credit: tlycblog.com

I think it’s fun to start off with a Tunisian Crochet temperature blanket crochet pattern, don’t you?! Tony has included some helpful tips on designing your own blanket. This blanket pattern has been made using Tunisian simple stitch and long panels.

Moon Shadow Temperature Blanket by Amy Minard

Photo Credit: Amy Minard on Ravelry

This intermediate crochet pattern has been designed using a number of Tunisian crochet stitches. Crafted with textured detail, this modern blanket comes together through creating individual panels. The panels are later joined together, at the end of the year.

Best Temperature Blanket Crochet Pattern roundup with free color chart pdf

Temperature Blanket Crochet Pattern with DK Weight Yarn

Birth Temperature Baby Blanket by Kim Guzman

Photo Credit: crochetkim.com

Kim calls her blanket a Weatherghan – which I think is quite clever! She’s also invented a short crochet stitch, so that her temperature afghan isn’t too long once completed. I personally love the wavy stitch she’s created!

Star Temperature Blanket by Angela Thompson

Photo Credit: Angela Thompson on Ravelry

Such a fun shape! This star is incredibly effective and something I have never seen before in a temperature blanket crochet pattern. Which proves that you really can have some fun when you’re planning out your own blanket. Please note, that this is a UK terminology crochet pattern.

Unusual Crochet Temperature Blanket Designs

Full Year 12 Month Temperature Blanket by Sarah Jacob

Photo Credit: Sarah Jacob on Ravlery

Wow! There’s a lot going on in this eye-catching blanket! The crochet pattern uses the Mosaic Crochet technique. Each panel shows the variation of daily temperatures throughout the month, as well as the month name and images to represent each month. Phew! The entire blanket pattern has both written instructions and photo tutorials, to help you along.

Moss Stitch Square Temperature Blanket by Okie Girl Bling n Things

Photo Credit: okiegirlblingnthings.com

Another very different look. 12 panels of bright squares made using moss stitch. Can you see them moving like an 80s atari game? Or is it just me! This free crochet pattern has a video tutorial included. Plus you’ll discover a very clever way that’s been devised, to make sure that the squares always work out the same size.

Zinnia Granny Hexagon Temperature Blanket by Caitlyn Isabel Designs

Photo Credit: Caitlyn Isabel Designs on Etsy

A clever adaptation to the granny square, the hexagons are beginner friendly – made using a granny stitch. However the design and assembly are slightly more advanced. The effect of this unique style of temperature blanket crochet pattern is really quite dreamy. Perfect for a bed cover!

Heirloom Temperature Blanket Pattern by Mahliqa

Photo Credit: Mahliqa on Etsy

The benefits of a habit forming practice can’t be over rated! This blanket was designed specifically for this reason, and to encourage the benefits that come with crafting, like grounding, calm and mindfulness. A lovely story for a beautiful blanket!

Temperature Blanket Squares Crochet Pattern by NH Sugar n Spice on etsy

Temperature Blanket Squares by NH Sugar n Spice

Photo Credit: NH Sugar n Spice on Etsy

Another very unique looking design, this temperature blanket uses a super fine cotton yarn. It’s a more advanced pattern for keen crocheters that are looking for an art piece to add to their collection. The pattern additionally includes tracking and planning worksheets.

Ella’s Temperature Blanket by Kaye Adolphson

Photo Credit: Kaye Adolphson on Ravelry

So smart! This crochet pattern uses sport weight yarn – because otherwise we’d be looking at a really big blanket! I just love the effect of the spirals, they’re quite mezmerizing… Please note that this gorgeous blanket pattern has been written using UK crochet terms.

More Traditional Rainbow Striped Blanket Patterns

Ultimate Temperature Blanket by The Secret Yarnery

Photo Credit: The Secret Yarnery on Etsy

Using the simple single crochet stitch and an enormous 19 colors for their color scheme! This very pretty crochet temperature blanket looks like an intricate rainbow. The stitch pattern is great for beginners, and comes with all sorts of helpful pdf’s and online links, including information for what to do for a leap year.

Muted Crochet Temperature Blanket by Burgundy and Blush

Photo Credit: burgundyandblush.co.uk

This free pattern’s color chart takes into consideration the cooler temperatures of a British climate. The design style of this afghan is reflective of a more traditional temperature blanket. I think is most cases simplicity is a good idea, to keep you motivated for a year-long project. Please note that this temperature blanket crochet pattern uses UK terminology.

Further Suggestions:

I really hope these temperature blanket crochet pattern ideas have helped you figure out how to create your own temperature blanket! Before we finish, I have a few tips:

  • Hook a Gauge Swatch: Make a small sample (gauge swatch) of your chosen stitch to estimate the final size of your blanket. It’s worth the extra time to avoid frustration later.
  • Keep It Simple: Don’t make things too complicated! Choose a stitch you enjoy and feel comfortable with. If it’s too hard, you might not enjoy making it, and you may not want to finish.
  • Showcase Your Yarn: Pick simple stitches that let the yarn shine. Even basic stitches look fantastic when you use different colors.
  • Don’t Want to Make a Full Blanket?:
    • Remember, it doesn’t have to be a blanket! If a whole blanket seems like a lot, consider making a temperature scarf instead, or a shawl. They’re smaller projects that won’t use as much yarn, but still capture the essence of the special year you’re celebrating.
    • You could even calculate the average temperature of each week and use that to crochet a throw rug or cushion cover instead! 52 color changes might be more appealing to you than 365.
  • Don’t Pressure Yourself: Perhaps your child is eg. 4 years old – or your special event has passed – and you’re discovering this idea for the first time. That’s ok! You can always look back at older weather records and make the keepsake blanket now.

Other Things to Track with Yarn Colors!

My head is swimming with ideas for more important things we might celebrate and want to incorporate into a crochet piece. I genuinely believe the possibilities are endless!!

  • How about the wins and losses of your favorite sports team – or of number of goals scored?
  • Or a gift for him? Fishing. Secretly celebrate the different fish he’s caught throughout the year, and present the blanket as a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift!
  • Do you have your own business? Record the number of sales you make each day!
  • An emotion diary! Record how you’re feeling each day.
  • Perhaps the main colors in your garden on any given day might be a beautiful idea too. You could possibly create a pattern in this way, using your scrap yarn!

I hope you’re feeling inspired by these temperature blanket crochet pattern ideas! Remember, that your temperature blanket project is a visual diary of the year’s weather, which reflects your personal journey of the current year. The temperature chart you’ve chosen, the carefully curated color palette, and the selection of stitch pattern(s), all play pivotal roles in shaping this unique keepsake. As you crochet your way toward the end of the year, each row representing a day’s temperature, relish in the gorgeous blanket you’ve crafted.

If you’re able to stick to it – which won’t be easy! – the end result will undoubtedly be a cozy, vibrant reflection of the passing seasons, preserving memories in every stitch.

So which was your favorite temperature blanket crochet pattern? What features do you want your crochet temperature blanket to have? Let me know in the comments!

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Temperature Blanket Crochet Pattern roundup with free color chart


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