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Tunisian Mosaic Crochet Pattern #5

Tunisian Mosaic Crochet Pattern #5 - This is a mosaic crochet pattern that is made with two colors - purple and white.

Row and Stitch Counts

This pattern is a 8 stitch and 6 row repeat. It is a never-ending repeating pattern.

Stitches used

tss: Tunisian Simple Stitch
etss: Front Post Extended Tunisian Simple Stitch

If you are new to Tunisian Mosaic Crochet, I have a beginner level course to help you get started!

Right Handed Tutorial

Left Handed Tutorial

Reading stitch repeats in the instructions

Stitch repeats may be mentioned in two different ways:
3 tss -> tss in the next 3 stitches
(tss, etss) * 2 -> tss, etss, tss, etss


1. The written instructions are only for the repeating pattern. They do not include the foundation row, bind off row and any edge stitches.
2. We change color after every row, the color for each row is mentioned at the beginning of the row.

[C1] Row 1: tss, etss, (2 tss, etss)* 2
[C2] Row 2: etss, 2 tss, etss, tss, etss, 2 tss
[C1] Row 3: 2 tss, etss, 3 tss, etss, tss
[C2] Row 4: tss, etss, (2 tss, etss) * 2
[C1] Row 5: etss, 2 tss, etss, tss, etss, 2 tss
[C2] Row 6: 2 tss, etss, 3 tss, etss, tss

How to read a Tunisian Mosaic Crochet chart

An empty square indicates a Tunisian Simple Stitch (tss) that is worked in a stitch from the previous row. 

A square with an ‘X’ indicates a Front Post Extended Tunisian Simple Stitch that is worked in a stitch from two rows before the current row.

The black and white squares are not a part of the pattern, they indicate that one color is used for the entire row and that we change color after every row.

The chart is worked from right to left, bottom to top (left handed people can read the charts from left to right, bottom to top).

The pattern is colored into the chart to show you what to expect after you complete your square. Please keep in mind that you do not have to make any color changes on any row, all you need to do is to check if there is a ‘X’ in the block or not and make the corresponding stitch.


Chart for Tunisian Mosaic Crochet Pattern #5 with indicators (X's) for extended stitches.

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