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16 Crochet Leaf Patterns: How to Create Stunning Leaves

I’m thrilled to have curated this roundup of handpicked crochet leaf patterns that will inspire and delight all nature loving crocheters! Together a collection of talented crochet designers have provided a diverse range of leaf and pattern styles. Crafting crochet leaves is a beautifully tangible way to connect with nature’s beauty, bringing the charm of the outdoors into your creations. The intricate details and diverse shapes of leaves offer a satisfying challenge too, encouraging us to improve on our skills and explore various techniques.

I’ve made sure to include easy patterns, and also some best suited for a more experienced skill level. There are patterns for individual leaf appliques to attach wherever you wish! You could sew them to clothing or embellish home decor items. There’s even a leaf stitch included and also crochet patterns that include a leaf motif. 

Crochet leaves are versatile elements that can be used in a wide range of projects. This blog post provides patterns with step-by-step tutorials and free patterns for crochet leaves, so that every crocheter can find a project that they love. Use different colors for the patterns, to represent all seasons. Of course you might use color of yarn to represent this, using reds, browns and golds for Fall – for example.

Crochet leaf patterns pin for Knitter Knotter Round up

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Crochet Leaf Patterns: Squares & Motifs

Crochet leaf patterns are a great way to add a touch of nature to your crochet projects. They can be used to make squares, motifs, and other shapes that can be used to create blankets, scarves, pillows, and more. Leaf crochet patterns can be made in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can find the perfect one to match your décor or project.

Crocodile stitch leaf and heart by YarnAndy

Photo Credit: yarnandy.com

This 3D leaf pattern is free and uses the crocodile stitch to create a beautiful, heart shaped leaf pattern. The pattern includes instructions for converting a heart shape into a square too!

Crochet Leaf Granny Square by Repeat Crafter Me

Photo Credit: repeatcrafterme.com

This free crochet leaf pattern includes a step-by-step photo tutorial, making it an easy pattern for any crocheter. Using basic crochet stitches, these squares are a great way to make use of your yarn stash and there’s lots of ways to use them around your home. These squares are pretty in Fall colors, but work for every season.

Maple Leaf Square by Golden Lucy Crafts

Photo Credit: etsy.com/shop/GoldenLucyCrafts

This premium pattern is perfect for intermediate crocheters who know filet crochet. It includes both a chart and row-by-row written instructions, so you can choose the method that works best for you. Once you’ve finished crocheting your leaf, you can use it as a doily or hook a few to create a decorative table runner.

Leaf Square by Simply Melanie Jane

Photo Credit: simplymelaniejane.com

The pattern is quick and easy to follow, even for beginners. This crochet leaf square is made with a textured and eye-catching design, using a special technique with treble crochet. The square can be made into a throw, a spring blanket, a wall hanging, a table runner, or pillows.

Leaves Fall Crochet Granny Square by Kristyn Crochets

Leaves Fall Crochet Granny Square by Kristyn Crochets

Photo Credit: nanascraftyhome.com

Make the most of your leftover yarn scraps by crocheting 8 tiny leaves, spiraling atop a granny stitch square! You can create a one-of-a-kind ,fall-themed granny throw by mixing and matching colors.

Easy Crochet Leaf Patterns

Easy crochet leaf patterns are a great way for beginners to learn the basics of crocheting. They are quick to make and provide a sense of accomplishment, which can give beginners the confidence to try more challenging projects. Simple crochet leaf patterns are also designed with simplicity in mind, featuring clear instructions and simple stitches.

Leaf Bookmark by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Photo Credit: www.nickishomemadecrafts.com

A quick and easy crochet leaf pattern that is perfect for beginners. It can be used as a traditional bookmark, or as a corner pocket bookmark that slips over the corners of your pages. Using a small amount of yarn -DK weight or thinner – might be best for this very giftable, small leaf bookmark.

Oxalis Leaf Earrings by Goldenberry

Photo Credit: www.bygoldenberry.com

A stylish accessory that can be styled up or down to suit any occasion. Fingering weight yarn makes them lightweight and comfortable to wear, while the intermediate skill level makes them a great project for experienced crocheters.

Fall Leaf Earrings by Golden Lucy Designs

Photo Credit: www.goldenlucycrafts.com

These are a quick and easy project, that uses basic stitches. The free pattern includes step-by-step instructions. The little leaves can be made in any color you like, so you can create a pair of earrings that match your outfit or your favorite season. These earrings would make a great handmade gift for friends or family, or you could sell them at a craft market.

Stunning Crochet Leaf Pattern round up Knitter Knotter

Applique Leaves

These lovely leaf motifs are great for attaching to all sorts of items, from hats and bags to blankets and pillows. Using these appliques, you can customize your clothes and other crochet projects. Explore different yarn colors and weights to craft leaves of different textures and sizes.

Fallen Leaves Coaster by Stitch by Fay

Photo Credit: www.stitchbyfay.com

Match your yarn colors to the season; warm for Fall, cool for Winter, fresh for Spring and bright for Summer! The pattern is quick and easy to make, and it uses very little yarn, making it a great stash buster pattern! The leaves also look wonderful joined as bunting.

Monstera Wall-hanging by Heart Hook Home

Photo Credit: hearthookhome.com

This crochet leaf garland project is made with four different crochet patterns for monstera leaves, and you can choose to make them in different sizes. This free crochet pattern is well-written and easy to follow, for beginner to advanced skill levels.

Easy Leaf Applique by Raffamusa Designs

Photo Credit: raffamusadesigns.com

Learn how to easily crochet a leaf applique! This basic leaf pattern is quick and easy to make, and uses very little yarn. So you can crochet it with any leftover yarn you have in your stash. Once you’ve finished crocheting your leaf, you can use it to embellish your crochet projects, such as hats, bags, and scarves.

The Flora Quilt by HanJan Crochet

Photo Credit: www.hanjancrochet.com

This free flower crochet blanket pattern will be as unique as the person who creates it. The pattern features a combination of delicate flower motifs that are joined together by colorful leaves. This textured blanket is sure to be a cherished heirloom for years to come.

Flora Crown by Green Fox Farms Designs

Photo Credit: www.greenfoxfarmsdesigns.com

This great pattern is for a crown in 6 sizes. To use for birthdays or costumes. Included are instructions to embellish the crowns with crochet flowers and leaves, to make each one as unique as the wearer. Who wouldn’t want to wear a beautiful yarn garden?

Fall leaf pattern by YarnAndy

Photo Credit: yarnandy.com

This leaf garland pattern is designed for intermediate Tunisian crocheters, drawing inspiration from the beautiful autumn colors of falling leaves, particularly those of plane or sycamore trees. The pattern comes with a video tutorial and features a straightforward, in-the-round construction that’s easy to memorize.

Incorporated Leaf Designs

This set of leafy patterns cleverly weave leaves directly into the fabric, creating an organic look. Blending leaves into your crochet projects mirrors the beauty of the great outdoors.

Plants with Yarn c2c Blanket by Juniper and Oakes

Photo Credit: www.juniperandoakes.com

This corner to corner crochet blanket is made up of a variety of 12″ x 12″ squares, each featuring a different houseplant. Each fun pattern has been designed using a specific color selection. There’s also instructions for joining the squares together and a border tutorial that you can use to finish off the afghan.

Leaf Crochet Stitch Tutorial by Meladora’s Creations

Photo Credit: www.meladorascreations.com

This crochet leaf stitch tutorial includes a chart and video tutorial for both left and right-handed crocheters! The stitch is quite advanced, so enjoy up leveling your skills. It creates a pretty interesting crochet leaf pattern that’s textured and could be used for so many things!

Swirling Leaves Potholder by Raffamusa Designs

Photo Credit: raffamusadesigns.com

This intermediate crochet pattern is made using Aran-weight cotton yarn and tapestry crochet, which creates a thick and solid fabric that is perfect for protecting your hands from hot pots and pans.

Monstera Leaf Mug Rug by The Loopy Lamb

Photo Credit: theloopylamb.com

This is a beginner-friendly pattern that uses a tapestry crochet technique. This means there’s no need to weave in ends, which is a great time-saver! It’s a quick, free pattern that’s written in a clear and easy-to-follow – with a chart included.

Sempervivum Shawl by YarnAndy

Photo Credit: yarnandy.com

This graceful shawl has a crescent shape that drapes beautifully over the shoulders. Delicate leaves or petals are crafted using strategic decreases and chain spaces, while each leaf or petal is adorned with lacy vine patterns, adding a charming detail when viewed from a distance.

Crochet leaf patterns are a fun and easy way to add a touch of nature to your crochet projects. With so many different patterns to choose from, you can find the perfect one to match your skill level and style.

Once you’ve chosen a pattern, gather your supplies and get started! Crochet leaf patterns are a great way to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Here are a few additional tips for crocheting leaves:

  • Use a variety of yarn colors to create leaves that look like they came from the real world.
  • Experiment with different stitch patterns to create leaves with different textures.
  • Add details to your leaves, such as veins or serrated edges, to make them look more realistic.
  • Use crochet leaf patterns to create unique and beautiful gifts for friends and family.
  • If you are a beginner, start with a simple crochet leaf pattern. There are many free patterns available online.
  • Use a light-colored yarn so that you can easily see your stitches.
  • Make sure to use the correct size crochet hook for the yarn that you are using.
  • Practice makes perfect! The more you crochet leaves, the better you will get at it.

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