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Best 15 Crochet Patterns for Cat Lovers!

As a fellow crocheter and mom of a pet lover, I’m always on the lookout for fun and creative patterns that cater to our feline friends. I also can’t go past a cute cat amigurumi doll or cat-themed home decor! I reached out to my crochet community to bring you this collection of 15 of the best crochet patterns for cat lovers. These practical and cute crochet patterns not only make your kitty look adorable, but they’ll also keep them safe, cozy and warm.

Crocheting for your pet is a heartfelt way to show appreciation for your whiskered companion. Whether you’re looking for free crochet cat bed patterns, crochet patterns for cat toys, or crochet cat free patterns, I’ve got you covered. So, grab your yarn and hooks and let’s stitch up some purr-fectly cozy projects, with these 15 top crochet patterns for cats and cat lovers!

Best Cats and Cat Lovers Crochet Patterns Round up

Crochet for your cute little kitty cat!

Purr-fectly Crafted Cat Accessories

Fun and Engaging Playtime. Keep your cat entertained and active with these creative crochet pattern for cat toys. These crochet designs ensure endless hours of fun for your feline companion. Plus, they make excellent gifts for fellow pet lovers! I’m sure you’ll love these free crochet cat patterns.

Teething Toy for Kittens by Meladoras Creations - no 9 in the cat and dog round up by KnitterKnotter

Teething Toy for Kittens by Meladoras Creations

Photo Credit: www.meladorascreations.com

This toy is designed for kittens who are teething. Its also small enough for them to carry around and play with. Made using pastel colors, this is also supposed to be calming for your kitten. It absolutely belongs on the list of the best crochet patterns for cat lovers!

Flower Cat Ball by With Alex - no 10 in the cat and dog round up by KnitterKnotter

2. Flower Ball Toy by With Alex

Photo Credit: www.withalexofficalblog.com

This cute flower toy is perfect for cats and cute little kitties to play with. The free pattern comes with a video tutorial and is beginner friendly. Such a playful crochet pattern for cat toys. Pop a bell inside and watch your cat have endless fun!

Spring cat toy crochet pattern by Lion Brand

3. Door Hanger Cat Toy by Lion Brand

Photo Credit: www.lionbrand.com

This charming crochet toy features a springy design that bounces and sways, providing endless entertainment for your cat. Use up your scrap yarn to craft this in bright colors. Attach it to a door handle, and watch your pet leap and pounce as they engage with their new toy.

mouse cat toy many crocheted mice

Easy Peasy Catnip Mouse by Mollie’s Blog of Stuff

Photo Credit: www.tubachingching.wordpress.com

These colorful mice are the perfect stash busting project, to create for your cat. Using only a little yarn, they can be made using whatever leftovers you have and will completely entertain your cat. Add this easy pattern to your list of free crochet patterns for cat lovers!

Crochet patterns for cat lovers_KnitterKnotter

Feline Fancies

Your Feline’s Dream Hideaway. Cats love their privacy, and these crochet cat patterns offer your feline friend a cozy and comfortable space, they won’t want to leave. These cat-centric patterns offer the perfect spot for your cat to nest and rest, relax and unwind. Get crocheting these free crochet patterns for cats.

CroCa Tent by Lena-Marie Hoppe - no 8 in the cat and dog round up by KnitterKnotter

CroCa Tent by Lena-Marie Hoppe

Photo Credit: www.ravelry.com (Lena-Marie Hoppe)

This crochet pet tent would work perfectly, for either a small dog or cat to hide within. The pet tent pattern is available as a free download from Ravelry and would work in any colors for your cute kitty.

Quick and Easy Cat Mat by Caab Crochet - no 11 in the Cat and Dog Round Up by KnitterKnotter

Quick and Easy Cat Mat by Caab Crochet

Photo Credit: www.caabcrochet.com

This quick and easy cat mat is made using blanket yarn. Beginner-friendly, this free pattern has wonderful texture and is nice and cozy for your cat to snuggle on.

Cat Mat crochet pattern Sweet Bee Crochet

How To Crochet A Soft and Squishy Pet Mat by Sweet Bee Crochet

Photo Credit: sweetbeecrochet.com

This adorable cat bed is made using Bernat Blanket yarn to make a soft comfortable bed for your cat. It makes it machine washable too!

Kitty Couch by Red Heart Designs - no 14 in the Cat and Dog Round up By KnitterKnotter

Kitty Couch by Red Heart Designs

Photo Credit: www.ravelry.com (Red Heart Designs)

This lovely cat couch is the perfect mini copy of your own sofa! You could easily choose your own worsted weight yarn to color-match with your own furniture too. Keep kitty off your sofa while pampering her in perfect comfort.

Spiral Rug by Knitter Knotter

This Tunisian crochet pattern for a spiral rug, is absolutely perfect for pets! You can crochet yours to any size, which means your cat or even very large dog, will fit comfortably on your handcrafted spiral rug.

Crochet patterns for cat lovers!

Feline Inspired crochet creations

Discover the joy of gifting crochet patterns that cat lovers will adore! Cat amigurumi patterns, can be customized to resemble the recipient’s own feline, making it a treasured keepsake. Additionally, cat-themed items like pot holders, can add a playful touch to any cat lover’s home.

Linked Crochet Cat Bookmark Pattern by Nickis Homemade Crafts

Linked Crochet Cat Bookmark by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Photo Credit: www.blackstone-designs.com

Learn the Linked Crochet technique while you’re creating this crazy cute, practical gift for book loving cat lovers!! There are photos to help guide you along, you can make your crochet cat bookmark in the colors of your own cat and those 4 paws and tail – are just to die for!!

Kitty Cat Pot Holder by Blackstone Designs

Photo Credit: www.blackstone-designs.com

Presenting the Kitty Cat Pot Holder, a great gift for cat people! This crochet pot holder features a front pocket for gifting. Personalize it to resemble the recipient’s beloved pet, and tuck their favorite sweet treat or packet mix along with a spatula inside the pocket. Voila! The perfect gift!

Three Little Kittens Graphghan by Knitter Knotter

Stylish cat lovers will love this block pattern blanket, inspired by the artist Piet Mondrian. Choose your favorite yarn colors or follow the neutral tones of the pattern. This is available as a free Tunisian Crochet pattern. It’s quite customizable too!

Paw Print Pillow Cover by Jo to the world - no 6 in the cat and dog crochet round up by KnitterKnotter

Paw Print Pillow Cover by Jo To The World

Photo Credit: www.jototheworld.com

Crocheting pet owners! This adorable paw print pillow can be used either for your feline to sleep on or a cat loving human. The easy pillow pattern includes a video tutorial to help you with the color changing, if it’s a new technique to you.

Clawdia the Cat by The Loopy Lamb cat amigurumi

Clawdia the Cat by The Loopy Lamb

Photo Credit: www.theloopylamb.com

This adorable amigurumi cat is the perfect gift for any cat lover. The free crochet cat amigurumi pattern includes a photo tutorial to help you create your own Clawdia Cat. You could easily customize the colors to echo your own pet.

Cat Ami by Hooked on Patterns

Photo Credit: www.hookedonpatterns.com

Craft some quick cats with this free crochet pattern! These kawaii kitties, are a breeze to make. The yarn weight and hook size you choose will determine your cat’s final size. The pictured amigurumi cat pattern, stands 11 cm tall.

These 15 designer crochet patterns for cats and their owners, are perfect for pampering your pets with love and warmth. From cat toys and hideaways to paw pillows and cute crochet cat patterns, you’ll find something to suit the tastes of even the fussiest cat – and it’s owner.

This collection of paid and free crochet patterns offers a delightful selection of adorable cat-themed designs for cat lovers everywhere. With easy crochet cat patterns, amigurumi designs, and cat blanket patterns, there’s something for every skill level and personal preference. Many of the patterns include step-by-step instructions, which make these patterns a great option for anyone, from beginners to experienced crafters.

Customize your creations using various yarn types for a truly unique result. These cute crochet cats are the perfect way to showcase your love for our whiskered friends.

15 fun and free crochet patterns for cats and cat owners


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