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24 Creative Crochet Plant Holders: Free Patterns & Tips

The revived popularity of crochet plant holders, hangers and plant cozies has captured the hearts of plant lovers and DIYers alike. Especially in the last few years since the pandemic, when the indoor plant industry went Boom!. The love of indoor plants and the desire to infuse spaces with a more relaxed, boho feel have fueled the comeback of these vintage style crochet patterns.

You’ll soon discover that crochet plant holders in all their forms, are not only practical, but also a wonderfully creative way to showcase your indoor plants. In this blog post, we’ll explore the inspiration behind these pretty crochet accessories, the importance of choosing the right size, and alternative uses for these versatile items.

Creative Crochet Indoor Plant Holders. Free Patterns DIY Crochet Tips

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Choosing the Right Yarn

For plant holder pattern success, you want to use a yarn that doesn’t have a lot of stretch to it, ensuring that your crochet plant holder keeps its shape and supports the weight of your plants over time. 

Yarn weight also matters, and it’s important to choose a suitable option for your project. The yarn weight will influence the size and durability of your plant hanger, so consider options such as cotton, twine, machine washable or macramé cord. Cotton yarn provides a soft and natural look, while twine adds a rustic touch to your creation. Macramé cord, on the other hand, offers a sturdy and structured finish, perfect for holding heavier pots securely. Of course, machine washable yarns often make the best choice too! Over time your plant pot may leach nutrients and soil into it’s cover, so being able to wash the plant cozy, will keep it looking it’s best.

Each type of yarn brings its own unique advantages to the table. Whether it’s the softness of cotton, the durability of twine, the practicality of a washable yarn or the strength of macramé cord, the choice of yarn can really elevate your plant hanger project.

Making Your Plant Cozy Perfect

Ensuring the dimensions work with the plant pot is crucial and directly impacts the overall look and functionality. You’ll also want to think about watering needs, as a properly sized cozy should allow for easy watering without the risk of overflows or mess. Additionally, the colors of the cozy can play a significant role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the plant display in your home, so considering the color scheme is well worth your while.

Selecting the Perfect Plant Hanger Size

Consider the size of what you want the hanging basket to hold. Whether it’s a smaller pot for your newest green plants or a larger one for a leafy addition to your indoor garden. The plant’s watering needs are also crucial, as certain plants require more or less moisture. So if you need to fit a base tray in the holder too – take that in to consideration.

Think about the location within your living space – are you hanging plants in a well-lit area or a corner with dimmer light? How much room is there to hang a basket? Or are you thinking a wall hanging would be more practical for the space. Different plants thrive in varying light conditions, which affects their overall size and eventually the dimensions of the hanger needed for support.

Easy crochet plant hanger patterns

Easy 3 sizes Plant Hanger patterns by A Crocheted Simplicity crochet plant holders

Crocheted Plant Hanger by A Crocheted Simplicity

Photo Credit: www.acrochetedsimplicity.com

Perfect for beginner crocheters, this straightforward pattern uses basic crochet stitches such as chain, single crochet, half double crochet. This is a quick pattern to make 3 different sizes, that allows you create a stylish plant hanger in no time.

Boho Plant Hanger free pattern by Rich Textures Crochet

Easy Plant Hanger by Rich Textures Crochet

Photo Credit: richtexturescrochet.com

This easy crochet pattern features a mix of simple stitches that create a stunning and tactile boho hanger for your plants. Use your leftover cotton yarn in any colors from your scrap stash, to achieve an authentic boho look.

Farmhouse Hanging Baskets by Green Fox Farms Designs

Photo Credit: greenfoxfarmsdesigns.com

Embrace rustic charm with this free crochet pattern that adds a pop of color to your plants. Breathe some style into your greenery, with it’s pleasing teardrop shape. Alternatively, create your own storage baskets with this quick and sturdy hanging basket crochet pattern!

Reuse Recycle Root Plant Hanger by Revel Crochet

Reuse, Recycle, Root Plant Hanger by Revel Crochet

Photo Credit: revelcrochet.com

Get creative with this eco-friendly pattern that uses bulky weight yarn to make a unique and sustainable crochet plant holder. This little hanging plant cozy is very beginner friendly. Dive into your recycling bin to reuse a plastic bottle for this drip-free basket pattern!

Quick Crochet Hanging Basket by Fosbas Designs

Quick Crochet Hanging Basket by Fosbas Designs

Photo Credit: fosbasdesigns.com

Living up to it’s name is this fast and easy pattern that lets you hook up a charming hanging basket in no time. Organize items around the home, such as veggies in the kitchen, toiletries in the bathroom, or craft supplies in your studio. This round basket conveniently attaches most places via a simple hanging loop.

Hanging Baskets Free Crochet Patterns roundup
Double wall hanger crochet plant holders made by gootie

The Suzette Double Hanging Basket Pattern by Made by Gootie

Photo Credit: madebygootie.com

This two pocket shaped basket pattern can be used to create a variety of hanging plant holders, from simple to elaborate – just change up the yarn used! This pretty pattern hangs flat against the wall rather than your ceiling, which makes it a little different.

Free Crochet Plant Holder Pattern by Sandra's Stitches

Simple Crochet Plant Holder Pattern by Sandra’s Stitches

Photo Credit: sandrastitches.com

This classic and customizable pattern lets you create a plant holder that suits your style and plant needs. Your plants will benefit from cotton’s thirsty nature, which wicks away excess moisture, keeping your green friends happy and thriving.

Free Plant Hanger Pattern by Cosy Rosie UK

Free Plant Hanger Pattern by Cosy Rosie UK

Photo Credit: www.cosyrosieuk.co.uk

Crochet this free boho pattern using macramé cord to conjure stunning plant hangers for your leafy plant babies. This is a beginner-friendly project that comes complete with a video tutorial and clear instructions.

Boho Plant Hanger Crochet Pattern by You Should Craft

Photo Credit: www.youshouldcraftcom

Perfect for beginners, this quick crochet project uses basic stitches and worsted weight cotton yarn to create a charming diamond-mesh for your smaller pots. Customize yours with optional wooden beads and a playful tassel, and use a stitch marker to keep count for the long chain hanger.

How to Crochet Easy Boho Plant Hanger by Blackstone Designs

How to Crochet Easy Boho Plant Hanger by Blackstone Designs

Photo Credit: blackstone-designs.com

A beginner-friendly pattern that lets you create a stylish boho plant hanger without any complicated stitches. This hanging plant shelf is open in the front, allowing easy access to your plants for watering and maintenance!

How to Crochet Mock rame hangers free pattern by Blackstone Designs

Mock Rame Hangers by Blackstone Designs

Photo Credit: blackstone-designs.com

Add a touch of macrame flair to your plants with this trendy pattern. This crochet hanging basket pattern was originally created for outdoor candles, but can just as easily be used for indoor plants. Make a simple plant hanger, slip in a jar and you have decorative options for indoors or out.

Big boho Plant Hanger Crochet Pattern by You Should Craft

Big Bohemian Hanging Planter by You Should Craft

Photo Credit: youshouldcraft.com

Not unlike macrame plant hangers, this beginner-friendly pattern hooks up a diamond-mesh basket for your 8-inch pots. With photo and video tutorials included, cotton yarn, and basic stitches keep things simple. While cute boho accents like wooden beads and a tassel, add a bit of personality.

Plant Pocket Pattern Crochet Plant Hanger Crochet Plant Pocket Sass and Stitch Crochet

Plant Pocket Pattern by Kaitlin Gough

Etsy Shop: Sass and Stitch Crochet

These sweet little plant pockets will hang in the car, on a mirror, or anywhere that needs a little bit of natural cuteness. These crochet plant holders are small hangers, and an ideal size for air plants or dried flowers. Suitable for a beginner skill level.

Plant Pot Cover Crochet Patterns. Crochet Plant Holders Round up

New stitches for textured crochet plant holders

Sweet Stripes Hanging Baskets by Green Fox Farms Designs

Photo Credit: greenfoxfarmsdesigns.com

Featuring the sweet stripes stitch – unique to this designer – this plant hanger pattern is perfect for a storage solution and your favorite hanging plants. There’s a tutorial describing how to securely add a wooden ring, if you like that effect.

Free crochet round storage baskets crochet pattern by Made by Gootie

Lobelia Crochet Plant Pot Holder by Made by Gootie

Photo Credit: madebygootie.com

The Lobelia cozy brings modern flair to your home or as a housewarming gift. It’s a breeze for advanced beginners, combining delicate spider stitches with sturdy single crochets for a textured basket look. Bonus: it doubles as a versatile storage option!

Mosaic Squares Plant Pot Cover by Juniper & Oakes

Photo Credit: www.juniperandoakes.com

This geometric pattern adds a touch of modern style to your plant pots, making them a standout feature in your home. Using worsted weight yarn and the overlay mosaic technique, this crochet plant holder is easier than it looks. There’s written instructions, a chart and helpful video tutorial provided with this pattern, to guide you along.

How to Crochet a Pineapple Planter- Free Crochet Pattern by A Crafty Concept

How to Crochet a Pineapple Planter by Stuck On You Crochet

Photo Credit: www.acraftyconcept.com

Bring a touch of tropical fun to your home with this cheerful pineapple-shaped planter pattern. Learn the juicy bobble stitch and craft your holder in a sunshine yellow, to create the pineapple effect. Share this gift of warmth with loved ones, or make them to brighten your own space.

Cozy Alpine Plant Pot Cover FREE Crochet Pattern Juniper and Oakes

Cozy Alpine Plant Pot Cover by Juniper & Oakes

Photo Credit: www.juniperandoakes.com

Learn the alpine stitch to make your own crochet plant holders. Practical patterns like plant cozies are a great project to practise different stitches and techniques – because once they’re perfected, you have something to show for it!

Cosmic Koozies rainbow Tunisian Crochet Ribbing Pattern StarDust Gold Crochet

Cosmic Coozies Crochet Pattern & Tutorial by Stardust Gold Crochet

Photo Credit: stardustgoldcrochet.com

Embrace the cosmos with these galaxy-inspired pot covers that feature the Tunisian Crochet Ribbing Technique. These simple crochet plant holders are especially striking when created with colorful, self-striping yarn!

Simple plant pot cozies to crochet!

Cherry Blossom Stackable Baskets: Pink Love Crochet Pattern Free

Cherry Blossom Nesting Baskets by Knitter Knotter

Photo Credit: knitterknotter.com

A beginner friendly pattern for cute little baskets – this is one of my few premium patterns that isn’t free on the blog. These baskets are a great way to organize small trinkets and can also house little pots of plants – like cacti or succulents.

Teddy Bear Pot Cover by Thoreby Cottage

Teddy Bear Pot Cover by Thoresby Cottage

Photo Credit: thoresbycottage.com

This adorable pattern transforms your plant pot into a cuddly teddy bear, adding a touch of whimsy to your home decor. This teddy basket pattern would also make a great baby shower gift for baby’s new nursery.

Easy Crochet Basket Pattern for Beginners Nesting baskets Free Pattern A Crafty Concept

Nesting Baskets by A Crafty Concept

Photo Credit: www.acraftyconcept.com

This versatile crochet pattern lets you create a set of adorable nesting baskets, perfect for housing plants, or other small treasures. Toys, craft chaos, office clutter – anything finds a happy home in these sturdy, double walled baskets.

The posh planter crochet pattern for advanced beginners Erin Etsy

The Posh Planter Pattern with Hearts by Erin Hansen

Etsy Shop: Simply Made by Erin

These super sweet crochet plant holders would make a beautiful gift for a loved one, especially on Valentine’s day! Made with bulky weight yarn and designed for advanced beginner skills, this planter would make anyone feel loved.

Easy plant pot cozy by Pixies Magic Hook

Easy Plant Pot Cozy by Tunde Balazs

Etsy Shop: Pixies Magic Hook

These crochet plant holders are an easy pattern made from cotton macrame rope. This cozy pattern is easily adjustable, so that you make any size to fit your favorite plant pots. Make yours in a single color, or create a two-tone or stripe effect – it’s your choice!

Unique Versatility: Other Uses

Crochet plant holder patterns offer a versatile and great way to add charm and functionality to any space. Consider using them as a storage solution for items like bathroom products, gardening tools, or art and craft supplies. They can also serve as unique candle holders, adding a warm, boho vibe to any outdoors space. 

Using plant hangers in kitchens for your garlic, onions, spice jars or eggs, can be a wonderful way to display and organize small items, making them a stylish and practical addition to your kitchen decor. Have you thought about growing herbs in your kitchen? Plant hangers along your window look great and keep your herb plants handy! You can even craft plant cozies as housewarming gifts for friends and loved ones, adding a personal touch to the thoughtful gesture of giving. 

Whether you’re hanging them indoors or outdoors, crochet plant hangers offer a modern and fun way to bring a touch of creativity and greenery to any setting. Their adaptability makes them a fantastic addition to any living space or special occasion, allowing you to effortlessly enhance your environment with a touch of living handmade.

Selecting Suitable Indoor Plants

When it comes to selecting the perfect plants for your crochet plant holders, there are a few ideal options that pair beautifully with these gorgeous creations. 

Air Plants

Air plants are a popular choice to pair with crochet plant hangers, adding a touch of nature to any space, but without the need for soil. Their unique and diverse shapes complement the boho vibe of crochet plant holders, creating a visually appealing display. 

Low-Maintenance Plants

Opting for low-care plants, such as succulents, Z-plants and snake plants, is a wonderful way to enhance the design of crochet plant covers. These plants not only add a natural living touch, but also require minimal upkeep, making them perfect for busy people.

Complementary Plant Types

Consider the size and shape of the plants when pairing them with hanging baskets and plant cozies. Hanging small crochet covers with cascading green plants can create a striking visual effect, while larger and fuller plants are well suited for larger crochet plant cozies. 

Heavier plants might do better on a floor or on furniture in a pot covered with a stunning crochet holder. While cascading vines and lighter weight plants make for better hanging options.

Popular Choices

Some popular plant choices to consider include spider plants, ivy, peace lilies and arrowhead plants. These plants not only thrive in indoor environments but also accentuate the appeal of crochet plant holders with their lush greenery.

Seriously, what could be more cozy than a crochet plant holder made by your own hands? If you’re looking for free crochet plant cozy patterns and free crochet plant hanger patterns, you’ve come to the right place! In this roundup, I’ve gathered 24 free crochet patterns to encase your plant pots, from my fellow talented designer friends.

Plants bring life and vibrancy to any space. But why settle for plain pots when you can elevate your green friends with adorable, handcrafted cozies and stylish hangers? Crochet offers a beautiful, budget-friendly way to personalize your plant displays and add a touch of Bohemian charm to your home.

This roundup caters to every skill level, from absolute beginners to seasoned crocheters. Whether you’re drawn to minimalist cozies or the aesthetic of hanging baskets, this collection has something for everyone. I hope you love the free patterns in this collection. Please let me know which plant patterns you’re going to use to transform your own living space!

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Free Plant Cozy Crochet Patterns Round up


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