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Cute Crochet Gnome Patterns for Christmas

In this endearing pattern round up, we’re diving into the magic of cute crochet gnome patterns, tailor-made for the winter and Christmas season. And with the help of many talented crochet designers, I’ve found a pattern for everyone! From free crochet gnome patterns to easy, beginner-friendly designs, you’ll love to create these little gnomes, each complete with their signature fluffy beard!

As we immerse ourselves in the holiday season, consider the satisfaction of gifting handmade treasures to your loved ones! These easy crochet gnome patterns make for great gifts that carry the warmth of your creativity. Experienced and beginner crocheters alike, can enjoy the joy of crafting gnomes, for charming Christmas decor.  

There’s adorable amigurumi patterns and cute ornaments that bring a festive touch to your tree, and gnome baskets that add a playfulness to your home decor. This collection of 18 crochet gnome patterns capture the magic of the current gnome trend.

I hope you want to infuse your space, with the cheekiness of these lovable characters this festive season.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase through the link.

Why Gnomes at Christmas have become so Popular!

Gnomes have risen to popularity around Christmas time, due to their endearing charm and rich folklore. Originating from Scandinavian traditions where they were known as Nisse and Tomte, these mythological creatures evolved into protective household spirits wearing distinctive red caps.

Their association with Christmas became widespread in the 19th century when they transformed into gift-bringers, just like Santa Claus.

The whimsical appeal of gnomes, coupled with their playful and protective symbolism, resonates with people during the festive season. Their versatility in decor, from tree ornaments to mantel displays, makes them a beloved and cherished part of holiday celebrations globally.

Amigurumi Crochet Gnome Patterns

Explore the enchanting world of amigurumi with these delightful crochet gnome patterns, adding a touch of magic to your winter and holiday crafting. These cute gnome patterns are a great way to infuse whimsy into your DIY home decorating this festive season.

Christmas Crochet Gnomes by Hanjan Crochet

Photo Credit: www.hanjancrochet.com

This is a free crochet gnome pattern that could make a wonderful gift! Create charming holiday decor using this easy crochet pattern, designed for beginners with basic crochet stitches. You could make a whole donsy of gnomes, in different colors, to sit on shelves around your home.

Nordic Twist Gnome by Keep Calm and Crochet On UK Designs

Photo Credit: KCACOUKDesigns on etsy.com

With bells on his toes and a unique twist on his hat! This cute amigurumi gnome pattern is a little different. The pattern is available in UK and US terms and includes explanations of all stitches and abbreviations.

Gnome and Plant Pot House Playset Crochet Pattern

Gnome and Plant Pot House Playset by Lau Loves Crochet

Photo Credit: Lau Loves Crochet on etsy.com

A stash busting pattern that makes the perfect addition to the playroom as an interactive toy. Craft a garden gnome with his own real home! Every element of this fun play set is included in the detailed crochet pattern, including the watering can, fish, flowers and blanket.

Santa Gnome by Jen Hayes Creations

Photo Credit: www.jenhayescreations.com

Wearing their signature red hats, these mischievous creatures are known for their love of playing practical jokes! Explore a variety of free christmas gnome crochet patterns on this blog, to crochet for the holiday season.

Bulky Yarn Gnomes by Darling Maple Designs

Photo Credit: darlingmapledesigns.com

These simple patterns utilize basic stitches, which makes them achievable – no matter your skill level! Experiment with faux fur yarn and bulky chenille yarn, to create a range of styles for hair and beards. This allows you to mix and match your own gnomes, using your imagination and creativity.

Set of 3 sizes Scandinavian Christmas Gnomes by RoKiKi

Photo Credit: RoKiKi on etsy.com

Craft three different sizes of adorable pointy hat gnomes, with a pattern available in five languages! No matter where you are in the world, you can easily crochet these charming amigurumis. The simple pattern is designed to be a great project, for adventurous beginners.

Cute Crochet Gnome Patterns Winter & Christmas

Gnome Ornament Crochet Patterns

Elevate your Christmas decor with these charming ornament crochet patterns. Craft an adorable crochet gnome ornament to add a festive feel to your holiday celebrations.

Christmas Crochet Heart Gnome Ornament by Golden Lucy Designs

Photo Credit: www.goldenlucydesigns.com

Christmas Gnomes with a unique twist— this free pattern features a heart shape for the hat, beard, and body! Originating from Scandinavia, these gnomes, [like Santa Claus], bring a touch of Nordic magic to your home. Make your own with this intermediate crochet pattern using familiar stitches!

Crochet Christmas Gnome Bauble Ornament Amigurumi by Raffamusa Designs

Christmas Gnome Bauble Ornament Amigurumi by Raffamusa Designs

Photo Credit: raffamusadesigns.com

Here are more crochet Christmas gnomes, to decorate your home! These cute little guys pay homage to the Nisse of Scandinavian folklore. Using DK yarn, craft your own delightful Christmas decoration steeped in tradition.

Free Pattern Crochet Gnome Christmas Tree Ornaments by The Loopy Lamb

Gnome Christmas Tree Ornaments by The Loopy Lamb

Photo Credit: theloopylamb.com

Here are more fun Christmas gnomes to decorate your tree! Perfect for beginners, this quick and easy pattern offers two charming versions – one with a puffball gnome using fur yarn, and the other with a fur pom pom. There’s also helpful video tutorials included.

Cute Gnome Christmas Ornament by Zamiguz

Photo Credit: zamiguz.com

Create custom-sized Christmas tree ornaments with this versatile and free crochet pattern. Whether you choose Santa or Gnome, these cute decorations are quick to make and perfect for mixing crochet with other skills like pom pom making and simple embroidery. Follow along with the written pattern or a helpful video guide for a delightful holiday project that can be completed in under 2 hours!

Gnome Gift Ornaments by Briana K Designs

Photo Credit: brianakdesigns.com

Spread holiday cheer with these adorable crochet gnome patterns. They make perfect last-minute makes, with a surprise gift tucked inside! Share the joy of giving with a quick, cute ornament that doubles as a thoughtful present for teachers, friends, or neighbors. Plus, they’re a great crochet project to work through your yarn stash.

Discover 18 Crochet Gnome Patterns to make for Christmas and Winter

Cute Gnome Basket Crochet Patterns

Indulge your inner gnome lover with these cute gnome crochet patterns, perfect for special occasions and creative crochet projects. Dive into your yarn stash and craft these whimsical baskets to gift, or add a touch of gnome-inspired charm to your space.

Scandinavian Gnome Basket Crochet Pattern by GFFD

Faegryn Scandinavian Gnome Basket by Green Fox Farms Designs

Photo Credit: greenfoxfarmsdesigns.com

Make a medium or large gnome basket to gift to a gnome lover or organize your craft room! Use acrylic yarn to easily wipe up any marks or spills. Imagine a gnome gift basket filled with treats and festive goodies. Or even better – a whole collection of yummy yarn!

Christmas Santa Crochet Gnome Pattern with a Reversible Basket Body and Santas Sack

Santa Gnome and Sack Caddy by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Photo Credit: www.nickishomemadecrafts.com

This free crochet gnome pattern will continue to keep you organized, all year long. Under the hat, you’ll discover a caddy (that’s actually the gnome’s body), to keep treasures hidden! The free crochet pattern is divided into three parts, includes video tutorials and can be made by any skill level!

Gnome Organizer Doll by Best Crochet Natali

Photo Credit: Best Crochet Natali on etsy.com

There’s a home for everything, with this practical organizer pattern. You’ll be able to keep all of your crochet tools in one place with this adorable project. It’s a written pattern with a photo tutorial.

Even More Cute Crochet Gnomes!

Discover the charm of some great practical patterns made with cute crochet gnomes! These adorable creations, make great gifts as the gnome theme adds a touch of whimsy to your crochet projects! Let’s get hooking to bring these lovable characters to life.

Tissues For My Gnomies – Double Tissue Holder by Snappy Tots

Photo Credit: snappy-tots.com

Perfect for stocking stuffers or craft fairs, this gnome-shaped tissue holder, adds a touch of charm to your everyday essentials. Grab your worsted weight yarn and enjoy this free pattern for a fun gift idea!

Crochet Gnome Pillow by Cashmere Dandelions

Photo Credit: www.cashmeredandelions.com

This is an easy, beginner-friendly pillow pattern! Add some whimsy to your home decor this winter season, by adding a gnome cushion, created using lattice work. There’s a helpful graph included too!

Set of 3 Keychain Gnomes by Funny Rabbit Toys

Photo Credit: Funny Rabbit Toys on etsy.com

Three very special holiday gnome patterns for different seasons, are included in this etsy listing. Easter bunny gnome, Gnome in love and Lucky gnome! They could be hung as ornaments, from a car rear vision mirror, or used as keychains.

Large Gnome Softie by Funny Rabbit Toys

Photo Credit: Funny Rabbit Toys on etsy.com

Larger than life, is this squishy and adorable oversized crochet gnome! Make him using soft blanket yarn, for a child’s gift, for your own bed or as a novelty sofa cushion.

I hope you’ve discovered a fun pattern from this 18 crochet gnome patterns round up, to hook the perfect gift for your loved ones, or yourself.

Gnomes are inspired by the cute mythological creatures that appear in Nordic folklore throughout Scandinavia. Embrace the holidays by gifting a crochet gnome! Have you noticed? They’ve become one of the most popular figures around the world, during the Christmas season.

These cute gnome patterns range from quick, stash-busting holiday ornaments to practical baskets and squishy pillows. You’ll find them to be perfect for creating delightful gifts or charming decorations.

Enjoy the magic of Christmas time through your own whimsical and unique gnome creations!

Happy Holidays and Happy Crocheting!

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Cute Crochet Gnome Patterns to make for Winter and Christmas


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