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20 Free Crochet Shawl Patterns and Beautiful Wraps

Often crochet shawls hold a special place in our hearts and closets, as they effortlessly transition from dressy evening wear to a casual daytime accessory. These 20 Free Crochet Shawl Patterns and Wraps I’ve gathered for you are varied with different shapes and weights, providing a perfect extra layer for any time of the year!

You’ll find the best list of free crochet shawl patterns right here! There’s the perfect combination of triangle shawls and rectangular shawls amongst these free patterns, and you’ll discover different ways to wear them.

No matter your skill level, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced crocheter, there’s a pattern in this collection that’s just right for you! So why not indulge in the comfort of creating your very own shawl? Choose your favorite design, grab your hook, and start crafting a stunning layer that reflects your unique style and creativity.

Easy Patterns for Beginners

The serenity shawl by Han Jan Crochet - No 1 in the Crochet Shawl Round Up by KnitterKnotter

1. The Serenity Shawl by Han Jan Crochet

Photo Credit: www.hanjancrochet.com

This free c2c shawl pattern works up quickly using lace weight yarn, providing a delicate and light weight finish. With a step-by-step tutorial included, you’ll have no trouble mastering this beautiful shawl. Plus, this easy crochet pattern accommodates crocheters from all corners of the world by featuring both UK and US terminology. 

Dove Wings Shawl by Andrea Cretu

2. Dove Wings Shawl by Andrea Crețu

Photo Credit: www.yarnandy.com

Experience divine creativity with this beginner-friendly free crochet shawl pattern, designed to resemble delicate dove wings. Add grace and elegance to your wardrobe with this easy crochet shawl pattern. A helpful video tutorial is available to guide you through the process, ensuring that even new crocheters can craft this stunning accessory with ease and confidence.

Jadestone Wrap by Dessert Blossom Crafts - no 5 in the Crochet Shawl Round Up by KnitterKnotter

3. Jadestone Wrap by Dessert Blossom Crafts

Photo Credit: www.dessertblossomcrafts.com

Discover this free, beginner-friendly triangle shawl pattern. Using only simple stitches and one ball of yarn, this elegant accessory can be easily completed. For visual learners, the easy shawl pattern also includes a helpful video tutorial to guide you step by step, ensuring a successful and enjoyable crochet experience.

Triangle shawl pattern by blue star crochet

4. Triangle Shawl by Blue Star Crochet

Photo Credit: www.bluestarcrochet.com

Seeking a soothing crochet project? With a simple pattern repeat, this crochet triangle shawl lets you easily create a perfect accessory using fingering weight yarn. Perfect for cool summer evenings or transitional seasons, enjoy the calming rhythm of this delightful pattern and craft a piece to cherish.

Creative Stitch Patterns

5. Atlantic Shawl by Stitch and Hustle

Photo Credit: www.stitchandhustle.com

The Atlantic Shawl pattern uses different stitch combinations and colors to produce a beautiful shawl finished with a decorative picot edge.  The shawl is finished off a button to help hold it in place. Include this beautiful pattern in your free crochet shawl patterns queue, to add a touch of elegance and flair to your wardrobe.

Ruffled Waters Shawl: Free crochet shawl pattern

6. Ruffled Waters Shawl by Knitter Knotter

Photo Credit: www.knitterknotter.com

A captivating free crochet pattern featuring alternating bands of the exquisite Mori Lace Pattern and the timeless Tunisian Knit Stitch, all beautifully finished with a ruffled edging. This triangular shawl design is reversible and will add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Ideal for those with intermediate skill levels, this pattern will keep you engaged and excited throughout the entire crocheting process.

The Shanae Wrap by Me N My Hook: Free Crochet Shawl Patterns and Beautiful Wraps

7. Shanae Wrap by Me N My Hook

Photo Credit: www.menmyhook.com

A one-skein wrap pattern that combines elegance and simplicity. This classy rectangle shawl showcases a beautiful stitch pattern that’s easy to create using basic crochet stitches. Ideal for anyone seeking a chic, timeless accessory, this free pattern effortlessly elevates any outfit while providing a satisfying crochet experience.

Transitional Season Layering

The Spring Breeze Shawlette by the Loopy Lamb - no 8 in Crochet Shawl Round Up by KnitterKnotter

8. Spring Breeze Shawlette by The Loopy Lamb

Photo Credit: www.theloopylamb.com

Elevate your seasonal wardrobe with this versatile, one-skein shawlette crochet pattern. Crafted with self-striping cotton yarn, this lightweight, lacy design keeps you cool and chic in the warmer months. The beginner-friendly pattern utilizes basic crochet stitches, such as rows of double crochets and chains, and includes instructions to enlarge the shawlette into a beach wrap.

Susan Shawl by Crafting Each Day: Free Crochet Shawl Patterns and Beautiful Wraps

9. Susan Shawl by Crafting Each Day

Photo Credit: www.craftingeachday.com

This easy rectangular shawl pattern is ideal for Spring layering. Made with worsted weight yarn and featuring an openwork stitch, it’s light and airy. The simple shawl pattern starts and ends with crossed double crochet stitches for a subtle touch, while the body alternates single crochet and openwork rows.

Cherry Blossom Shawl by Two Brothers Blankets - the Crochet Shawl Round Up by KnitterKnotter

10. Cherry Blossom Shawl by Two Brothers Blankets

Photo Credit: www.twobrothersblankets.com

Indulge in this free, simple triangular shawl pattern, perfect for wearing as a scarf or for layering. Crafted with fingering weight yarn, it boasts an amazing drape that enhances any outfit. Beginning with a magic circle, the pattern incorporates simple stitches and color changes for a stunning final result.

Tri Tra Triangle Shawl by Crocheting

11. Tri Tra Triangle Shawl by Crocheting

Photo Credit: www.crocheting.com

A triangle shawl, made using a triangle stitch! This new stitch is easily learnt, using simple crochet stitches. Enjoy the meditative process until you’ve crafted this lacey shawl. It will be as lightweight and airy as the yarn you choose to hook it.

Bohemian Style Shawls

free rainbow crochet shawlette pattern

12. Rainbow Shawlette by Knitter Knotter

Photo Credit: www.knitterknotter.com

Discover the simplicity of this charming shawlette, perfect for the beginner crocheter and crafted using self-striping yarn. With an easy-to-follow pattern that relies solely on the double crochet stitch, this delightful accessory is a breeze to create. Embrace the satisfaction of stitching this shawlette, as you practice your crochet skills and enjoy a stunning finished piece.

The Zen Garden Shawl by The Purple Poncho - no 13 in the Crochet Shawl Round Up by KnitterKnotter

13. Zen Garden Shawl by The Purple Poncho

Photo Credit: www.thepurpleponcho.com

This shawl uses a lightweight variegated yarn and combined with a larger hook gives this a shawl a lovely drape.  This is an intermediate level pattern but is worth the extra effort to learn the stitches to get a beautiful summer Shawl. This free pattern offers versatility in how you wear it—drape it as a shawl with ends in front, wrap it around your neck like a scarf, or secure it with a brooch on one side.

Turquoise Fiesta Shawl free Crochet pattern

14. Turquoise Fiesta Shawl by Knitter Knotter

Photo Credit: www.knitterknotter.com

Dive into this beginner-friendly shawl pattern featuring the Tunisian Full Stitch, made even more exciting by changing colors throughout the project. With helpful video assistance, this shawl, crafted using worsted weight yarn, is a breeze to make as you don’t have to count stitches. You’ll need an 8mm Tunisian crochet hook to create this stunning, reversible accessory.

Fireside free crochet shawl pattern by Lovable Loops

15. Fireside Shawl by Lovable Loops

Photo Credit: lovableloops.com

Using worsted weight yarn and featuring a hood and pockets, this shawl would make the perfect addition to a camping trip! The free pattern uses the corner to corner c2c technique, which makes it very easy to construct for beginners. Additionally, only a variety of basic stitches are used. The photos throughout this shawl crochet pattern will help you master every step!

Lacy Summer Wraps

Eternal Spring Infinity Scarf by Crochet Kim, the Crochet Shawl Round Up by KnitterKnotter

16. Eternal Spring Infinity Scarf by Crochet Kim

Photo Credit: www.crochetkim.com

Elevate your summer wardrobe with this versatile scarf that transforms into a wrap. The intricate lacy design adds a touch of elegance to your outfit. This lightweight shawl is crafted using Tunisian crochet. You’ll find it provides a comfortable layer on those warmer days.

Sunset on Fire Shawl by With Alex Halloween crescent shaped shawl

17. Sunset On Fire Shawl by With Alex

Photo Credit: www.withalexofficalblog.com

The crescent shaped shawl is designed to look like a setting sun and the color choices used echo this too.  It has a lovely lacy design which makes this perfect for summer weather. There are peaks along the border of this advanced beginner pattern, giving it an almost spider-web look. Perhaps this shawl would make the perfect project for a Halloween gift!

Slanting Shells Wrap by Creations by Courtney - no 18 in the Crochet Shawls Round Up by KnitterKnotter

18. Slanting Shells Wrap by Creations by Courtney

Photo Credit: www.creationsbycourtney.com

This free crochet wrap pattern, features a simple four-row repeat that creates a stunning, textured effect. Worked up in worsted weight yarn, this wrap showcases the beauty of gradient yarn but looks equally striking in a solid color. Embrace the ease and elegance of this versatile accessory, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Tasseled and Fringed Shawls

Marielle Lace Shawl by Sincerely Pam: Free Crochet Shawl Patterns

19. Marielle Lace Shawl by Sincerely Pam

Photo Credit: www.sincerelypam.com

This pretty shawl pattern is started at the longest point and worked down to the corner.  It uses a lightweight sparkly yarn which makes it a little bit fancy! It could be used as part of an evening outfit or dress up a casual daytime look. This lacy shawl is a super fast pattern to work up and features fun tassels at the corners!

20. Gathering Driftwood Shawl by Knitting with Chopsticks

Photo Credit: www.knittingwithchopsticks.com

Indulge in this free, elegant, and dressy triangle wrap pattern that adds a touch of class to any outfit. Crafted with sport weight linen yarn, the wrap is incredibly soft against your skin, ensuring both style and comfort. The mini tassels adorning the wrap provide a playful yet sophisticated touch. A luxurious accessory, perfect for elevating your wardrobe.

In conclusion, this collection of 20 free crochet shawl patterns and wraps offers a diverse selection of stylish and versatile designs to elevate your wardrobe all year round. Whether you’re seeking a cozy triangle shawl or a breezy summer wrap, you’ll find the perfect free crochet pattern in this list.

These shawl and crochet wrap patterns provide an opportunity to explore beautiful yarns and create stunning accessories that are both fashionable and functional. So, why wait? Dive into these free crochet patterns and start crafting your very own unique and elegant shawls and wraps today.

Happy crocheting!

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Monday 20th of November 2023

Thank you for this terrific roundup! Interestingly, it was a roundup like this that led me to your site three years ago. I saw your lovely Ruffled Waters Shawl in a roundup on another site and had to find out who made that beautiful shawl and get the pattern. I've been following you and enjoying your patterns ever since. Thank you for all you share with your crochet community!


Tuesday 21st of November 2023

I am so happy to hear this! I love that you were able to find me through another round up. Hopefully, you will like the designs of some other designers from here. It is wonderful how the crochet community works :)