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The ULTIMATE Holiday Crochet Gift Guide!

Best gift ideas for crochet lovers in 2023!

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here! I eagerly anticipate the holidays because it’s a time to be with family, everyone is in high spirits, and, of course, there’s an abundance of delicious food!

Have you already purchased or crafted Christmas gifts for your friends and family? Or perhaps you’re considering treating yourself this holiday season? In this post, I’ve compiled a variety of crochet gift ideas perfect for those who adore yarn and crochet. Whether you’re seeking an excellent gift option or looking for inspiration, I hope these ideas for crochet lovers will spark your creativity.

I’m thrilled to present the ‘Holiday Crochet Gift Guide,’ your go-to resource for discovering the ideal presents that will warm the hearts of yarn and crochet enthusiasts. Whether you’re planning surprises for your loved ones or indulging in a little self-pampering, this carefully curated collection is filled with ideas that promise to add a dash of excitement to the festive season. Let the season of giving commence!

This post contains affiliate links. I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using the links on this page. Please see my disclosure for more details.


Let’s start the holiday crochet gift guide – with patterns! Patterns make a great gift for yourself or for your crocheting friends 🙂 Before I started designing, I would look at all the pretty patterns from my favorite designers and I’d want to buy so many of them! One of my best friends once gifted me a pattern that I had on my wishlist for a long time and that made me so very happy! 🙂

So, I can speak from experience! For the crochet aficionado who loves to craft, surprise them with the gift of inspiration. A carefully chosen crochet pattern is a great way to guarantee hours of joy-filled creation.

If you like my crochet patterns and plan on purchasing them for yourself a family member, or for your friends, you can find all my patterns on Ravelry, Etsy, and LoveCrafts.

November Crochet Pattern Sale!!

I am hosting a Black Friday Sale and I am offering all my patterns at a 20% discount in my Ravelry and Etsy shops (use coupon ‘THANKYOU23‘) from 21st Nov 2023 to 29th Nov 2023. If you are planning to buy my patterns, this is the best price to get them at!


Tunisian Crochet Hooks

My favorite style of crochet is Tunisian crochet! Here is a list of hooks that I’d love to have in my own collection! Crochet kits are a great idea for you to give a unique gift to your crochet friend! Yes, I do already own some of these which means that you can read my reviews before making a purchase.

Denise Crochet Hook Set

Denise has a wide range of sizes and there are a bunch of different options to choose from.

The Denise2Go hook set comes with 12 hook in a beautiful fabric and portable case. And then there is this Denise2Go 2 hook set where you will get 2 hooks of each size which is great if you want to make projects in the round (such as this free cowl pattern). Check out the beautiful Denise Silk fabric case!

If you didn’t already know, the owners of Denise support Breast Cancer research by donating a dollar for every purchase of their Pink Tunisian crochet set. Just another thing I absolutely love about this brand!

Clover Tunisian Crochet Hook Set

Clover has a beautiful set of interchangeable bamboo hooks that I used for my 2021 CAL!

A double ended crochet hook by Clover that can be used to work projects in a round.

Clover also has double ended hooks in 3 sizes (4 mm, 5.5 mm, and 6 mm). I find that these are great to work on smaller projects – that are worked in the round.

Knitter’s Pride Tunisian Crochet Hook Set

Tunisian crochet ginger set review - hooks, pen, case, stitch markers

Knitter’s Pride has a couple of hook set options. I own the Ginger Hook Set that comes in a beautiful leather case and I find myself using it very often. They offer another set called the Symfonie Wood Interchangeable Set that I have heard very good things about, but so far, I have not used them myself.

Crochet Hooks

Even though I love and tend toward Tunisian crochet, I find myself picking up a traditional crochet project every once in a while. I only own the Clover Amour and WeCrochet Hook sets, but I would love to have the rest of these too!

Aren’t you happy that you’ve clicked into this holiday crochet gift guide? Sooo much eye candy for your own wish list this Christmas!

Clover Crochet Hook Set

Clover has an amazing range of hooks. My Clover Amour hooks are my favorite and I’ve been using them for a long time now. You can get them in smaller sizes (2.25 mm to 6 mm) or in larger sizes (6.5 mm to 15 mm) to work with bulky weight yarn.

Clover also offers their Soft Touch Hooks (2.25 mm to 6 mm) that I have heard very good things about.

KnitPicks Crochet Hook Set

KnitPicks has an affordable set of ergonomic hooks (2 mm to 6 mm) that are very good to work with.

Light up Crochet Hooks

If you have trouble working with dark yarn or if you don’t have a well lit work space, these light up crochet hooks would be a great set to have!

These ergonomic crochet hooks have a comfortable grip and are lightweight to reduce stress on your wrists and hands. And half of the hooks in the set contain a little light! These will help you hit that perfect stitch in your crochet projects, even in the dark!

Colorful and Artistic Crochet Hooks

And, if you’d like something fancy, these Coopay warm crochet hooks would be great to brighten up your day! In this range, there are a few different selections of artistic, polymer clay handles, with aluminium hooks.


Yarn is always a great gift idea for crafters! It’s one of those crochet items that make amazing gifts, because yarn is essential to each and every project. No crocheter ever said they have too much yarn! And adding to your yarn stash can get expensive! So, gifting delicious yarn to your favorite crocheter, will always be gratefully received – with a smile.

Continue reading this holiday crochet gift guide, and be inspired by this list of unique gift ideas! Buying online certainly has its advantages, but you could equally buy your crochet gifts from a local yarn shop.

Lion Brand Yarns

Heartland Yarn snuggled in the Prerna Crochet Scarf designed by KnitterKnotter.

Lion Brand has a wide range of yarns and here are some of my favorites:

KnitPicks Yarn Selection

Wool of the Andes yarn by KnitPicks - for the Tunisian blanket CAL of 2021 hosted by KnitterKnotter.

KnitPicks also has a wide range of yarns and I love that they have a lot of options with wool. Here are some that I’ve tried and really like:

Amazon for Crochet Gifts

If you are a prime member, it might be a good idea to look at Amazon to purchase yarn (and crochet pattern books too!). I have bought some yarn from them when I’ve needed something quickly and I knew I couldn’t get it in a local yarn store.

Paintbox Yarn

I have used Paintbox yarn in some of my recent projects and I love the color options they offer!

Crochet Books and Magazines

I don’t own a lot of crochet books and magazines, although I have a few that I find myself using a lot! So I highly recommend them. They often contain free crochet patterns, new stitches to learn and even new techniques! All very important things to a crochet lover.

Here are my favorite titles:

  1. Tunisian crochet – Vol 1 – Tunisian Crochet Stitches by Petra Tornack-Zimmermann
  2. Tunisian crochet – Vol 2 – Tunisian Crochet Stitches by Petra Tornack-Zimmermann
  3. Tunisian crochet – Vol 3 – Tunisian Crochet Stitches by Petra Tornack-Zimmermann
  4. WeCrochet magazine for the latest crochet designs from some amazing designers.

Yarn Bowls

2 tone Yarn bowl by KnitPicks used by KnitterKnotter while working on their projects.

I never used a yarn bowl until my friends at KnitPicks sent me one and now, I use it all the time! Now I feel like it’s an essential tool that I just had to include in this list of gifts.

Yarn Ball Swift and Winder

I’ve always had the yarn ball winder by KnitPicks. I bought it a long time back, long before I started designing patterns. I still use it and it is going strong! On the other hand, I didn’t have a yarn swift until I bought one from KnitPicks recently. If you work with hanks of yarn, I think these really are a must have!

  1. Here is the yarn ball winder by KnitPicks that I have had forever! I totally recommend it.
  2. I bought this yarn swift by KnitPicks recently.
  3. This yarn winder made of rosewood is so elegant!
  4. This set of yarn ball winder and yarn swift is great value for money.

Yarn storage and project bags

I used to work on one project at a time until some time back. But now I have over 5 WIPs at once! To make sure I don’t lose track of everything I am doing, I am always looking for good project organizers and I truly believe that they’re a great gift idea!

Here are some that I think you’ll like:

  1. This knitting and crochet organizer was the first one I ever bought. It was long before I started designing and it was for a project where I was using over 14 different colors of yarn! This organizer was perfect and had enough storage to accommodate everything I needed for my project.
  2. These clear project bags by KnitPicks are a set of 4 bags of different sizes. Since they are clear, you can see your projects and all the pretty yarn even though they are neatly tucked away!
  3. Lion Brand has a bunch of bags and cases to choose from.
  4. Knit Picks offers so many cute Zipper pouches!

Blocking Supplies

I bet you didn’t expect to see these in the holiday crochet gift guide! But I realize now just how important they are to a serious crocheter.

I didn’t always block all my projects. Now of course, with experience I’ve realized that it was because I didn’t have the right tools to do it!

1. I have these blocking mats from KnitIQ now and I block all my projects on them! I also have this beautiful canvas bag to store them in!

2. These blocking combs by Knitter’s Pride save so much time and make blocking so easy! I use mine all the time!

3. KnitPicks also offers a set of blocking mats that I think would work great.

4. I’ve always wanted to get one of these Chetnanigans blocking boards! They are hand crafted and have great reviews. They also come with a bunch of accessories to make blocking easier.

Crafting Accessories

Little crochet gift ideas that will mean so much to the receiver!

A set of stitch markers with markers in 10 colors.
Ozeri Weighing Scale to weight crochet projects.
  1. A good journal can make your crafting, so much better! You can use it to keep track of projects (old, current, and future), gifts you make or get, yarn specifications, and a bunch of other things. This Journals unlimited is a crochet / knit / yarn journal and looks like the perfect planner!
  2. Stitch markers are my #1 accessory that I use pretty much with every project I work on. Here are some that I found very tempting:
  3. These Pom Pom makers are so easy to use! I have made some pom poms for my projects, and they are so much fun to work with!
  4. I also have this set of Tassel makers that makes the process of making tassels so easy!
  5. This set of 3 adjustable yarn guide rings would be great while working with multiple colors at once.
  6. We can always do with a pair of pretty vintage scissors right?
  7. This weighing scale is perfect to weigh your yarn and your projects!
  8. I keep track of my rows by writing them down as I make them, this cute mini row counter would be so good to have!

Crafter Jewelry

How about some crafter-inspired jewelry? Here are some great ideas that I thought would make perfect gifts:

  1. Earrings from Mijo Crochet
  2. Antique gold and silver color pendant – This is a yarn cutter, I love the antique look.
  3. Clover gold pendant antique – This one is a yarn cutter pendant too!

Yarn Puzzles

Are you a puzzle person? Before my kids were born, I always had a puzzle corner in my house where I would have a puzzle in the works at all times! I truly think that this is an unusal idea and that they make good fun, unique gifts. I don’t have one anymore, but I have these in my wishlist for when my kids are older, and I can reinstate my little puzzle corner 🙂

  1. Plenty of yarn (1000 pc)
  2. Colorful yarn puzzle (500 pc)
  3. All you Knit is Love (1000 pc)

Mugs for Crocheters

I am not really a coffee or tea person so I don’t use mugs very often but this caught my eye: It’s not hoarding if it is yarn

Funny T-shirts for Yarn Lovers

Hand printed by the shop owner herself! There are so many fun and funny t-shirt designs in this etsy shop, you’ll surely find at least 5 you want!

Cute Notion Tins

Available in three different sizes. You can have them personalized or buy pre-made designs. Every crocheter loves little tins like these!

Fun Crochet Hook Cases

These zipper pouches come with all sorts of designs on them, and you’re even able to ask for them to be customized! Which would you choose?

Temporary Tattoos for Yarn Lovers

Such a clever and unique gift idea! Personally not for me, but I have many, many crocheting friends that I just know would love some temporary tattoos to wear.

Yarn Stickers and Car Decals

I’m super proud of my crochet status! And I’ve spotted 3 car decals and a whole lot of the stickers, that are now on my wishlist.

Gift Cards

If you prefer gift cards instead, here is a list of gift cards you could purchase, to help support your favorite crocheter with their crochet projects:

  1. Lion Brand
  2. Amazon –
    1. Egift card
    2. Physical gift card
  3. Joann Gift Card from Amazon
  4. Michaels Gift Card from Amazon
  5. Apple Gift Card from Amazon

That’s all the ideas I’ve gathered together, to create this list of the best gifts for crocheters, ever! With crochet patterns, all sorts of yarn, crochet hooks and other essential tools and great stocking stuffers, that will make the perfect gift idea! I’m confident that there is something for every crochet enthusiast in this collection – no matter their skill level!

I hope you will find something you like and want to give yourself and loved ones, within this holiday crochet gift guide. And make sure to bookmark this post, because we know that it will come in handy for Mother’s Day and other special occasions too!

If you have any more suggestions for crochet gifts please leave me a comment and share them with me :)


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