‘I love you so much’ wrap

'I love you so much' wrap is made up of 400 hugs and kisses motifs in 50 colors. This picture shows the full length of the wrap hung on a wall.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I have been thinking about what it means to me. After having my baby, love has taken a completely different meaning and there aren’t enough hugs and kisses in the world that I can shower on him. While I love him a lot, the love I receive from him is boundless and I can feel it every day. So, this Valentine’s Day is dedicated to my little one who is the best thing that could have happened to me 🙂

The inspiration

I had a bunch of inspiration points and this wrap brings them all together.

The motifs – My baby is the primary inspiration for the hugs and kisses motifs.

The name – I live in the city of Austin in Texas. It is a beautiful city with an abundance of creative people. It is called the ‘Live Music Capital of the world’ and there is expression of creativity to be found throughout the city. I was particularly inspired by the ‘I love you so much’ mural that is located on Congress Ave. The story behind it is of love between two people and it has withstood the test of time. It remains one of the most popular places to visit in Austin. The name of my wrap was inspired by this mural.

The colors – I have been (lovingly) staring at the Scheepjes color pack I bought a while back. I wanted to make something special with it and I had not worked with so many colors before. I strongly believe that love comes in all shapes and sizes and colors so I decided to put the color pack to work and designed this wrap to not just be in the traditional Valentine’s Day colors 🙂

The journey

The journey of making this wrap has been an interesting one. My initial idea was to make a pillow cover and a wrap. As I started making the pillow cover, I realised that I might not have enough yarn to make both so I turned it into a single wrap. Here is a picture of what would have been a pillow cover. Free pattern is now available here!

If I had not made a wrap, I would have definitely made a set of pillows in different colors – the pinks, the blues, the greens and the like.

Here are some progress pictures that show how the different colors looked as I was making the wrap.

And just because I was happy to look at how the colors were disappearing, I took these pictures 🙂

While everything else was perfect about this project, I am not very fond of weaving ends in. With 400 motifs, it had 800 ends! This is what the discard pile looks like when you have taken care of 800 ends 🙂

The yarn

It was the first time I was working with the Scheepjes Riverwashed and Stonewashed series’ yarns. I found them very comfortable to work with and the colors are so pretty that I am already thinking about which colors I will use for my next project! The wrap drapes well and while it’s not a winter wrap, its perfect to add a little bit of warmth to your outfit and a beautiful pop of color. Here are some more pictures from my album.

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This pattern is for personal use only and you are welcome to make as many of these as you’d like. But if you choose to share or sell them, please credit the design to me and do not make any video tutorials of this pattern without my permission.

Happy crocheting!


6 Replies to “‘I love you so much’ wrap”

  1. The last picture is beautiful. And the expression of your words is v good. Keep it up.

    Harsh Goel says:
  2. This is such a beautiful wrap and more beautiful story behind it!! Love it❤️

    Ankita Sharma says:
  3. I am searching for a fun way to use my Scheepjes color pack, and found you! This is gorgeous, thank you!! ( for some reason, I find it very satisfying to weave in ends)

    1. Thank you so much!! I will be looking forward to seeing yours 🙂
      You are the first person I know who enjoys weaving in ends. I wish it were that way for me too! 🙂

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