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Free Tunisian Crochet Origami Handbag Pattern

Welcome back to the Guest Blogger series on KnitterKnotter! Here, you will find free patterns shared by some very talented bloggers from around the world!

I am excited to share with you the latest guest pattern, the Origami Friendship bag designed by Janean Crapo. You can check out Janean’s other designs in Ravelry, and you can follow her on Instagram too.

This free Tunisian crochet tote bag pattern is beginner friendly and can be made with any combination of colors! This is perfect to use as a project bag to store your yarn for your current WIP.

Tunisian crochet 10 stitch origami tote handbag - free pattern on knitterknotter.com

Meet the Designer

Janean is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. She started testing my patterns a while back and has been a constant in my design journey. At my request, she wrote the pattern for this bag that she made as a personal project. And, I am really happy to share it here on my blog!

Pin - This Tunisian crochet handbag can be made with any number of stitches and is a great pattern for beginners. It is made from one rectangle only.

Inspiration for the Pattern

This is adapted from a regular crochet pattern called Rainbow Origami Bag at Crochet Therapy.

About the Pattern and the Yarn

Any yarn and size will work as long as you pay attention to measurements to keep the 3:1 ratio (see the Sizing section below). For stability and utility, it may be easier to use something that won’t stretch but you can experiment with any yarn, just keep in mind the use of the bag.

I used Universal Good Earth Yarn: Custard, Cattails and Bok Choy

The pictured bag is made by Arunima from KnitterKnotter with with Lion Brand Homespun yarn in two colors. Stitch used: Tunisian Simple Stitch.

Progress picture - make this pattern with any stitch and any yarn - even t-shirt yarn will be great!


This pattern is available for free on the KnitterKnotter blog. I would love to see your projects on Instagram! Tag your posts with:
@knitterknotter #knitterknotter @crapojanean

What you will need (with clickable affiliate links)

  1. Yarn: Any yarn will work for this project.
    • I used #4 medium weight Universal Good Earth Yarn (53% cotton, 7% linen, 3.5 oz /100g, 170 yd /155 m): Custard, Cattails and Bok Choy. The amount will vary depending on size of bag and stitch used.
  2. Tunisian Hook: 6mm hook (or hook to attain the dimensions you’d like with enough density things won’t poke through holes between stitches).
  3. Yarn needle for seaming 2 short seams, bottom corners and the handle
  4. Measuring tape (you will be measuring a lot!)
  5. Scissors

Experience level



This is crocheted by measurement more than stitch or row count. It is created with one long rectangle. Measurement needs to be 3:1 (length to width) ratio. For my friendship bag, I made a rectangle 10.5” wide x 31.5” long.

The diagonal of all three squares will form the three edges of the bag. This picture can be used to see what each edge will measure. You can use the following size chart to figure out the dimensions for your bag.

Sizing picture for the Origami Friendship Handbag. It is a pretty bag for ladies to hold their ongoing projects.
Square SizeDiagonalSquare SizeDiagonal
6″8 1/2″11″15 1/2″
6 1/2″9 1/4″11 1/2″16 1/4″
7″9 7/8 “12″17″
7 1/2″10 5/8″12 1/2″17 5/8″
8″11 3/8″13″18 3/8″
8 1/2″12″13 1/2″19 1/8″
9″12 3/4″14″19 3/4″
9 1/2″13 3/8″14 1/2″20 1/2″
10″14 1/8″15″21 1/2″
10 1/2″14 7/8″15 1/2″21 7/8″


  1. fs – First Stitch – Skip the first vertical bar of the previous row (the one right under the one on the hook). The loop on the hook will count as the first stitch for every row.
  2. ls – Last Stitch – Pick up the two vertical bars of the last stitch of the previous row, yarn over, pull through both the vertical bars into a loop on the hook.
  3. tss – Tunisian Simple Stitch – Insert hook in the vertical bar, yarn over, pull up a loop on the hook.
  4. tps – Tunisian Purl Stitch – Bring yarn forward, insert hook into the vertical bar, yarn over, pull up a loop on the hook.
  5. FP – Forward Pass
  6. RP – Return Pass – yarn over, pull through 1 (ch), (yarn over pull through 2 loops ) repeat to end of row.


There is no specific gauge, as it is worked by measurements, you will need the right hook for your yarn that works up with enough density to not allow holes poked between the stitches.

Pattern Notes

  1. The stitch used can be any one or combination of the stitches that were used in the Knitter Knotter Tunisian Sampler Stitch Blanket
  2. The bag I made is in 3 colors divided into even squares of the 3:1 rectangle and crocheted using Tunisian Honeycomb Stitch
  3. The return pass will be the same after each forward pass until the bind off row:
    • yarn over, pull through 1 (ch), (yarn over pull through 2 loops ) repeat to end of row.
  4. If you use multiple stitches, you MUST make a swatch of each stitch and figure how many stitches and rows it will take to attain the same size to maintain the 3:1 ratio.

    Note: some stitch patterns may require an odd number or even number of stitches or rows to complete the stitch. You can check the link for stitch options above for further information. Some stitches may pull in necessitating more stitches and some stitches may be taller, requiring fewer rows.
The free Tunisian crochet handbag pattern is beginner friendly. It comes with video tutorials for the stitches used.


Row 1: Make a foundation row of 40 stitches: 10.5” (or the number of stiches determined by the size you want to make. The height and width will be equal to the diagonal length of 1/3 of the rectangle.

Row 2: fs, (tps, tss) repeat 19 times, ls

Row 3: fs, (tss, tps) repeat 19 times, ls

Rows 4 – 34: Repeat rows 2 and 3 until desired size (height equals width)
on RP of row 34, with 2 loops remaining on the hook, pull through a new color to change color for the fs.

Rows 35 – 68: With color change, repeat rows 2 and 3 until desired size (2 x the width) with 2 loops remaining on the RP of row 68, pull through a new color to change color for the fs.

Rows 69 – 102: Repeat rows 2 and 3 until desired size (3 x the width including the following bind off row)

Row 103: This will be a bind off row. Repeat Row 3 but, each time you pull a loop up onto the hook, pull through 2 loops so you only have one loop on the hook through to the end. Tie off and clip yarn. Bind Off & Weave in ends.

If your project is curling, blocking it before assembly will help the piece lay flat.


Note: The bag will be assembled wrong side up. Sew together A-B on front and back and then sew across corners for shaping xxx (see the 3 picture below).

Assembly picture 1 for the Tunisian crochet handbag that is made from one rectangle only.
Assembly picture 2 for the Tunisian crochet handbag that is made from one rectangle only.
Assembly picture 3 for the Tunisian crochet handbag that is made from one rectangle only.


The handle can be made any length you’d like for the size bag you make. I made a 5 inch handle. It can also be done in any Tunisian crochet stitch. I used Honeycomb stitch with a 3 color change but can easily be done in one, two or three colors. I changed color at each end; on the beginning of the reverse pass and again at the fs of the forward pass (this color will be pulled through when there are 2 remaining loops on the hook so the fs is a new color.)

Row 1: Make a 20 chain foundation row, change color at beginning of the RP.

Row 2: Change color (as described above,) fs, (tps, tss) repeat 9 times, color change on ls.

Continue RP until 2 loops remain on the hook. Pick up yarn left from previous row to change color for the fs for next row.

Row 3: Change Color fs, tss, tps (repeat 9 times), Color Change on ls

Rows 4-5: (or as many rows needed to be large enough to sew a tube the straps of the handle will fit into.

Row 6: This will be a bind off row. Repeat row 2 or 3 (the alternate row of the last row depending on how many rows are needed) but pull through 2 loops after each yarn over keeping only one loop on the hook through to the end. Do not cut yarn.

Fold lengthwise and sew together along the long seams to form a tube.

Turn bag right side out to assemble handle. Using your crochet hook, put the hook through the tube, hook the point end at the top of the bag and pull through the tube.

Sew tips of strap together and pull handle evenly over the strap. Then, sew both ends of the handle securely onto the straps. Weave in ends.

Enjoy your Tunisian Crochet Origami Friendship Bag!

More Tunisian Crochet Patterns

Pin it and make it later!

Pin - Free Tunisian crochet bag pattern for beginners that can be made with any stitch and yarn.

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