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Tunisian Crochet Blanket CAL 2021 – Square #6

Welcome to square 6 of the Tunisian Blanket CAL of 2021! This is my first CAL where I am collaborating with other designers. I am going to make my blanket / afghan with everyone and hope to learn some new Tunisian crochet stitches and techniques along the way ????

This square is designed by Noorain from Noor’s Knits. It features a lovely cabled design with a honeycomb section in the middle. The design can be made using a single color for the whole square or you could mix it up with different colors for the cables too.

The sixth square of the Tunisian Sampler Blanket / Afghan CAL of 2021 hosted by KnitterKnotter.

Disclaimer: Materials provided by KnitPicks, KnitIQ, Clover USA, and Walnut Farm Designs; this post contains affiliate links.

If you are new to the CAL, click here to find all the introductory information including the schedule, supplies, and giveaways.

If you are new to Tunisian crochet, I hosted a CAL in 2020 that was designed to teach Tunisian crochet to beginners. If this one seems advanced, you are welcome to check that out and practice a few basic stitches before you come back to this one. Click here to view the beginner CAL of 2020.

If you’d like to connect with other people who are participating in this CAL, you are welcome to join my Facebook group by clicking here!

You can follow this Pinterest board to find all the squares and other information related to the CAL in one place.

Release Schedule

  • January 6 – Square #1
  • January 20 – Square #2
  • February 3 – Square #3
  • February 17 – Square #4
  • March 3 – Square #5
  • March 17 – Square #6– Scroll down for the details in this post.
  • March 31 – Square #7
  • April 14 – Square #8
  • April 28 – Square #9
  • May 12 – Square #10
  • May 26 – Square #11
  • June 9- Square #12
  • June 23 – Square #13
  • July 7- Square #14
  • July 21 – Square #15
  • August 4- Square #16
  • August 18 – Square #17
  • September 1- Square #18
  • September 15- Square #19
  • September 29 – Square #20
  • October 13- Square #21
  • October 27 – Square #22
  • November 10 – Square #23
  • November 24 – Square #24

Square #6 – Cables and Honeycomb Square – designed by Noor’s Knits

Square #6 is a lovely cable design square with an interesting honeycomb section in the middle. It is made up of Tunisian Purl Stitches, the Tunisian Honeycomb Stitch and Tunisian Cables. This square has wonderful texture which will work well in one single color, or if you want to accent the cables, it works well having those in either one or two colors that are different to the main square color.

The sixth square crochet afghan pattern from the KnitterKnotter blanket CAL of 2021

Here is my square – I made it with 3 colors of the Wool of the Andes Superwash yarn by KnitPicks.

Tunisian Purl and Honeycomb Stitches work together with Tunisian Cables to create the sixth square of the Tunisian Blanket CAL of 2021.

My Notes

Here are some things I noted while working on the square:

  1. Use stitch markers – I used them at the beginning and end of the honeycomb section to help keep count. You will need to count your stitches to make sure you are making the honeycomb section in the center!
  2. Keep an eye on row 4 in particular as the stitch count increases.
  3. It is a little difficult to change color when the first stitch of the new color is a purl stitch, make sure you are concentrating on this if you change color there.
  4. Keep counting!! This square is easy to mess up if you do not keep counting constantly. Make sure you are concentrating on this and not watching television at the same time 🙂
  5. Use a cable stitch holder if you have one, it will really help make the cables easier to make.


Width – You can add or remove an equal number of stitches from both sides of the cables. You could also increase / decrease the width of the honeycomb section.  I started my square with 42 chains instead of 50. To reduce the 8 stitches, I made 4 purl stitches instead of 6 a total of 4 times on every row.

Height: You adjust the height you can add or remove rows as needed.

Helpful Links and Tunisian Crochet Tutorials (Left and Right handed)

  1. Tunisian Knit Stitch
  2. Tunisian Purl Stitch
  3. Tunisian Honeycomb Stitch
  4. Tunisian Cables
  5. Changing Color
  6. Foundation Row
  7. How to bind off a Tunisian Crochet project
  8. How to block a crochet blanket/afghan
  9. Tunisian crochet hooks’ review
  10. Tunisian crochet basics

Click here to view the Playlist on YouTube that contains all my tutorials that will be helpful throughout the CAL. You can also subscribe to my channel!

My Square

Crochet stitches for blankets - used Tunisian Knit, Tunisian Purl, Tunisian Honeycomb and Tunisian Cables.

What I did

 I used 3 colors to make my square using the Wool of the Andes Superwash yarn: White, Brass Heather and Cobblestone Heather.

I made the cables with two colors which required changing the colors to make sure the two twines were different. This is an advanced technique and I had to practice with making the cable in a solid color before attempting it with 2 colors.

I didn’t end up adding the yarn over in Row 4 because I kept forgetting about it. The pattern worked up fine even without that.

I used a 8 mm Tunisian crochet hook to make this square.

I used the stitch markers from Walnut Farm Design to keep track of my stitches and I wet blocked my square by soaking it in warm water and pinning it to my blocking mat until dry.

Blocking the block designed by  Noor's Knits -  Tunisian Cable square using Tunisian purl, knit and honeycom stitches  - 2021 CAL hosted by KnitterKnotter

Yardage and Size

My square is 12″ x 12″ in size (along the edges) and used about 150 yards (140m) of yarn and weighs 2.36 oz (67 gms).

Front and Back of the square

Front and back of the sixth square of the 2021 CAL hosted by KnitterKnotter

The Pattern


Important notes

The copyright for each pattern is held by the designer. You may ask for additional resources and tutorials from the designer of the square only. No one else can make a full tutorial of the pattern unless permitted by the designer. I have included my notes and links to my tutorials that I think might be helpful in making the square but those do not supersede the instructions and tutorials provided by the designer.

The only way for me to be able to provide this CAL for free is to monetize my blog through ads and affiliate links. Please consider making a purchase from my links because that gives me a small commission without any additional cost to you. If the ads bother you, you could copy the content of this post into a separate document and print (be aware that this page contains a lot of images which you might want to delete before you hit the print button).

Share your squares!

I’d love to see your squares! Please share them on your social media with the tags @knitterknotter #knitterknottertunisianblanketcal2021 and #knitterknotter so that I can find them.

You could also create a project in Ravelry and share your pictures there.

Join my Facebook Group to connect with and share your pictures with other participants of the CAL!

Thank you for joining me on this CAL! I hope you will enjoy working on your squares and that we can all learn some interesting stitches and techniques along the way ????

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Pin for the sixth square of the Tunisian Blanket / Afghan CAL of 2021 hosted by KnitterKnotter - it is a cable square pattern that comes with full details about how many yards are needed to crochet the blanket.
Pin for the 6th square of the Tunisian Blanket / Afghan CAL of 2021 hosted by KnitterKnotter - it is a cable square pattern that comes with full details about how many yards are needed to crochet a blanket.


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